Change! Clothing

Change! Clothing

Give us an overview your shop. What kind of merchandise, style, theme, etc…
Change! Clothing sells t-shirts, hoods and bags with an urban feeling. Vintage, retro and musical designs can be found also on our store.

How long have you had the shop / been selling shirts?
Aproximately 7 months.

How did you get started selling shirts?
As designers we’ve always loved designing T-shirts, after doing so for many clients we decided to launch our own brand. 4) We havent got a physical store but we are in conversations with people in San Diego and NY who are interested in selling our products in their stores. We have even received a proposition from Ivory Coast!

Anything interesting about your name? A story behind it?
Our name has a lot of meanings and we think each and every person who comes to know our brand gives the name a personal meaning, and that is what makes us happy. We dont want to change the perception of the brand for our customers with our own personal reading of the name. What we know is that everyone sees it as a positive change in their lives, or the “click” which makes them change what is wrong with them in a particular moment. The “!” sign after the Change word makes some people think this is what they were waiting for to make the change, like a divine sign…really, we have received some emails telling us so.

What are some of your most popular items?
Our most popular items are the Dirty Harry and Legend T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Dirty Harry T-ShirtUrban Music T-Shirt

Do you have a particular creative process you follow?
We start with an idea and we draw several designs until we are happy….we keep it simple :)

What inspires you?
Life, music, the street, people, urban and media culture

What celebrity would you most like to see spotted wearing one of your shirts? And what shirt?
We would love any musician wearing our Tshirts. Hey you dont even have to be a star!

Do you have any additional stores or business you’d like us to know about?
Well, Change! clothing is actually part of our design studio QB Media.

What advice would you offer someone starting out selling t-shirts?
We need advice! we are new in this haha.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about being in the t-shirt business?
Nothing we didnt know before we started, we are looking forward to learn much more.

Hind sight is 20/20. What do you wish you would have done differently?
Again, we are quite new on this, and as we are having so much work with our studio we havent had yet the opportunity to market the brand as we would like to. We are looking forward to do so this year….so be prepared!!

Approximately what is your sales volume?
Less than 100 month

Is this your full time job?
No, it’s not.

Do you work with designers? Or do you design everything?
We are all designers, but most of the work is done by our Art Director in his spare time, he must be a workoholic.

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