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Halle Berry Working Out and Wet

Halle Berry Working out in a Wet Shirt

No too often you can an A-List actress in a wet shirt, but this is pretty close. Halle Berry looks like she’s been hitting the heavy bag and has soaked through her torn up wifebeater. Nice job Halle. Of course bearing all isn’t anything new for her. You can hit up MrSkin for a full run down of her bare assets.

How to Wet a T-Shirt

Purely as a public service I present a short video on how to wet a t-shirt. Just to make sure everyone has the proper technique in time for summer this fine t-shirt wearing women demonstrates the proper technique using a common water bottle. Take note and enjoy.

Kylie Minogue Wet T-Shirt Photoshoot

What’s better than a photo of a wet t-shirt on a hot pair of breasts? A video of boobs in a wet t-shirt! Another fine addition to our wet t-shirt gallery, compliement of YouTube. Not completely sure of the context of the clip, but it looks like a chick getting doused with water in preparation for a wet t-shirt photoshoot.

It’s White and Wet

Wet t-shirt girl

I believe?? this white wet t-shirt photo was snapped at an MTV event. Whatever the case it makes for a fine first post in our newest t-shirt gallery category. What t-shirt blog would be complete with a collection of wet t-shirt photos. Drunken contents, college parties and soaked celebrities round out any t-shirt site. Enjoy.