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Bayside Pride Baby

Saved By the Bell – you know you watched it. Just admit it already. Looking back it was the classic late-80′s sitcom. Not just for the cheese-factor, but because like any classic show with a young cast, it produced a pack of future celebs. Topless Elizabeth Hurley, bottomless Dustin Diamond, brainless Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and the grinning Mario Lopez, who’s about the only one still kickin’ today. This Bayside Pride shirt came to us courtesy It’s been spotted on Mark Walberg (pict after the jump), and we think it rocks.  Perfect worn in look and super soft. And it fulfills a lifelong bloggers dream of posting up  back to back Tiger tees. My work here is done. Continue reading

Jersey Shore Tees

We’re more than a little late to this bandwagon. Have to admit, I’ve never seen more than a clip Jersey Shore. Maybe I’ll get around to it with the new season, or not. But there are a lot of Jersey Shore t-shirts out there. Today’s pick comes from Crooked Monkey. You can hit the catalog here. If you’ve got your own Jersey Shore inspired tee, or know of some better ones, drop it on our Facebook wall and we’ll be sure to post ‘em up.

The Hidden Temple of Tees

Legend of the Hidden Temple Blue Barracuda T-Shirt

First, I’ve got to admit I’ve never seen the Nickelodean gameshow Legends of the Hidden Temple. (Sorry Micheal). But I will say I dig these shirts from Hidden Temple Tees. Based on team art from the gameshow – Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots, Red Jaguars and Silver Snakes they feature cool hieroglyphic lookin’ designs. Check em out at:

And for a good laugh, find yourself a Geico Caveman tee. I’ll have the Roasted Duck with the Mango Salsa. Say please. Who would have ever guessed cavemen would be so popular. ABC even gave them their own show – though I guarantee it won’t make it through the first season, but hey, good for Geico. Grab it at

Gieco Caveman T-Shirt

VotefortheWorst Sanjaya T-Shirts

American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar has acheived a milestone spot in Idol pop culture. The endorsement of By presenting an unparalleled level of suck and smugness Sanjaya has also spawned a growing number of parady t-shirts. Last week we covered Busted Tees’ Good Byea Sanjaya. Thanks to a fine reader’s tip we bring you‘s Sanjaya inspired offerings. Available from RegalThreads you can get yourself one of several Sanjaya shirts like the Sanjaya’s Hair shirt shown below. Also available is Sanjaya You On Fire and Universe of Sanjaya. And for fans of web site you can grab a Vote for the Worst shirt as well.

votefortheworst sanjaya t-shirt - regal threads T-Shirts

Sanjaya T-Shirt – Good Bye-a Sanjaya

Sanjaya T-Shirt

Leave it to the quick witted folks over at Busted to jump on the Sanjaya bandwagon. Even if you don’t watch American Idol you’ve likely had to hear about Sanjaya Malakar with his pony hawk, flamboyant style and marginal singing. If you have heard Sanjaya sing you fall into one of two camps – you think Sanjaya sucks or you like Sanjaya because he’s so bad (and you’re a 12 year old girl). Whatever the case get yourself a Goodbye-a Sanjaya t-shirt while the craze lasts. The Sanjaya tees are available for preorder now and will ship April 6th.

Entourage Aquaman T-Shirt

James Cameron's Aquaman on Entourage tee

For fans of HBO’s Entourage we’ve got the perfect shirt. Join Vince as Aquaman with this new shirt from Jackass Clothing. The creative folks at Jerkass are always on the spot with the latest buzz. James Cameron’s Aquaman 2006 shirt is a nice edition. Another HBO related tee to ride the buzz is the Vito Johnny Cakes shirt – a good one for fans of the Soprano’s, or gay mobsters, take your pick.