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Clothing Tag Made of Detergent – The Melt Tag

We’ve received t-shirts packaged in all kinds of funky ways, but we’ve yet to run across one of these. It’s a tag that is actually made of detergent. You throw it in the laundry the first time you wash the shirt. Pretty smart idea. It’s called the Melt Tag, the brain child of Korean designers Lim Jonghoon, Kim Sangbyum, Ahn Junseop, and Park Yuna – and it won something called the Red Dot Award. Functional and waste free. (via Consume Less)

Yackfou Goes Brick and Mortar

I always like hearing about online stores that manage to get big enough that they can set up traditional brick and mortar stores. Inspiration for the budding entrepreneurs toiling away online. Online clothing retailer Yackfou will be opening a retail store in Berlin on July 5th. The press release says they’re running a special on opening day – 50% off. I’m not clear whether that’s online ‘in-store’ or online as well, but seems like more than a good enough reason to check out there stuff.

Hacky Site News

Hey, word to any of our RSS readers. You probably found a butt load of drug and/or porn links filling your feed over the last couple weeks. Sorry about that. Seems the TSW headquarters suffered a security breach. Damn hackers. And big thanks to reader J. for the heads up.

T-Shirt Tidbits


Few picks for today you should give a look. From the top:

Dead Metal Clothing – The name itself tells the story pretty well. Wicked illustrations and no shortage of cranial containers.

Split Reason – Random tee from a batch of new stuff from Split Reason. Always something to address our inner geek.

Hans and Fras – Newly launched, these guys are printing all of their stock by hand.

Human Giant Threadless Contest – Collaborative contest tee designers should not pass up. Deadline is April 15th.

Thriving Ink Launches Tomorrow


It’s leap year – what you are doing with your extra day? How about launching an entire clothing line? Sounds a little ambitious for us, but that’s exactly what Thriving Ink is set to do. We got a sneak peak at the entire collection set to go on sale tomorrow and it’s nothing short of amazing. Couple peaks after the jump and make sure you hit em tomorrow during your leap year festivities.

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Site News

One of those site news posts for the handful of loyal followers. Are you all still out there? Anyway, I’ve been buried again and feeling guilty for not posting in what, almost two weeks? Yikes. Well, it is what it is. Good news is that I think I’m back on track. My inbox of bustin’ out with lots of cool stuff. And I’ve got a few fresh tees on my desk you’ll soon be seeing.

If you’re a shop owner and haven’t yet see the giant ass blue button that’s been living at the top of every page on the site – then get some glasses and click it. The directory is slowly coming together and you might as well get in early. Keep the great suggestions coming. Always happy to hear from you guys.

Get Listed in the T-Shirt Watch Directory

Calling all shop owners! We’ve finally gotten around to creating our own directory of t-shirt sites. I have no clue why it’s taken us so long, but better late than never I guess. So, if you happen to be a shirt shop owner and would like your web site listed in our directory than click here to get the party started.

We’re planning on getting a basic directory launched at the end of this month. So early adopters will benefit from a lack of competing listings. (Please don’t let that stop you from spreading the word). As we have more entries (an time), we’ll be doing some refinement to the search mechanism. We’re also planning on have a few shops randomly featured each day in some kind of sidebar link scenario. And of course we’ll promote the directory in general throughout the site.

We get so many requests for reviews and posts that it often takes us a while to get around to everyone. The directory should allow just about anyone to quickly get included on the site. And of course owners are still encouragement to shoot us an email to request a formal review, pass on coupon codes and sale information.