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Spreadshirt Special Chuck Norris T-Shirts

What Would Chuck Norris Do T-Shirt for Women

If you’re a fan of Chuck Norris now might be a good time to grab a Norris themed tee from To celebrate Chuck’s birthday this month (just passed, the 10th), Spreadshirt is offering up a coupon code for free shipping on and Chuck themed apparel. Use coupon code: CHUCKBIRTHDAY. I think the whole Chuck Norris resurgence has kind of come and gone, but it’s an interesting idea for a promotion regardless. Hit up the official Chuck Norris facts shop here.

Three for One at Blue Fish T-Shirts – Plus a free MP3 Player

Blue Fish T-Shirt has some great promotions going on right now. Aside from the killer 3 for 1 deal, where you buy three shirts and they give you a random shirt for free – you can also score yourself an MP3 player. I know that sounds hard to believe – buy t-shirts and get an MP3 player, but alas it is true my topless friends. Buy 10 shirts at Blue Fish and you get a free Sansa M230 MP3 player. I know 10 shirts seems like a lot, but it’s a damn fine deal and time to get shopping for Christmas. So buy some funny gifts that you’re friends will love you for and score yourself a Christmas gift of your own. We’ve provided a few example shirts below, but you really need to check out the site – they got loads of funny tees.


Awesome Shirt

Blowout Clothing – Urban, Vintage and Retro All in One

Blowout Clothing Legend T-Shirt

I love the illustrations on Blowout Clothings tees. Beautiful stuff. All of the design work seems to integrate the name, which really makes the brand part of the actual design and more than just the name on the shop. The philosophical connotations of the name are obvious and it works well as a force behind the design. Once again Spreadshirt serves as the backend, which means good shirts and reliable delivery. Check em out.

Someone Needs a Shirt – Losers Shirts

Myspace stalker tee

Desperate Horny Chick

Loser’s need shirts too ya know. Might be suggest Loser Shirts. Funny stuff guys and a fine looking site design :-). They got a spin on the ever popular MySpace t-shirt slogans, a nice graphic muff diver design and, just in time for the season the season premiere – a couple of good spins on Desperate Housewives, for mena and women. And for fellow shop owners out there a nicely done shop with Spreadshirt.