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Homage Clothing

Homage Clothing

Homage Clothing is helping turn back the hands of time with vintage-styled designs of the past. From pop culture to college sports there’s a little bit of something for everyone. The designs are simple and authentic and our sample shirt is insanely soft. As we like to say – vintage without the vintage funk. Hit the store here, and the main site here for additional retail locales.

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Crooked Monkey


Life comes at you fast. The perfect statement to sum up Crooked Monkey. Not only does the phrase make up an irreverently funny tee, it is also a good description for the rise of Crooked Monkey. These guys should serve as inspiration for all the budding designers out there. In just two short years they’ve managed to land themselves in the likes of Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Kitson and Fred Segal . Plus another 500 or so retailers.

Our review tees really tell the story well. Quality shirts. Funny, kind of vintage styled graphics and a little bit of harmless edginess create the perfect mix. Hit em up.

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More from Vintage Vantage + Coupon


This is the second time we’ve thrown some Vintage Vantage on our backs. And our backs couldn’t be happier. Same goes for the front. Our samples tees were the Army Men and Vice Versa. We marveled in our last review at the softness factor, and these are just as good. We also noticed that the Vice Versa shirt has gone tagless. Hopefully this is will become standard, as our only complaint was that the tags were a bit on the prickly side. The printing is great and the fit is kind of a vintage thing without being feeling too tight. These tees literally as so soft they kind of melt around you anyway. And now without a tag it’s perfection.

As a little incentive to check them out we’ve got a coupon code to take 21% off. Use coupon code: tshirtwatch.

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Ban T-Shirts

Ban T-Shirts Think Green

We don’t post up that many political themed tees, but we’re happy to come across Ban T-Shirts. A super selection of progressive liberal minded tees. From anti-bush to pro-American Indian to Green themed slogans and designs, there is definitely something for everyone who’s proud to flaunt their progressive mindset. Our Think Green sample tee is a great example of their witty graphic style. Printed on 100% organic cotton.

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Do You Ride the Shortbus?


If you’re looking for some silly juvenile humor tees give a peek to Shortbus Clothing. A mix of simple, funny and offensive humor fit for the back of any true college scholar. Our sample tee, “I Only Lie to Girls I Care About” was good quality and printed very well, a lot nicer in fact than a lot of the shops that are aimed at the younger college humored crowd. Hit up their site this week and score yourself a buy one, get one free deal with the coupon code BOBO.

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The Art of Artcotic

Artcotic T-Shirt Review is another great example of an interactive community shirt shop. Artists can submit designs, which are voted on and the winning designs are printed in limited edition runs. It’s a concept you see more and more these days. It works if you have talented artists – and Artcotic does. There are some really beautifully illustrated tees. Dig in and check out the artist’s profiles too. More info on submitting your designs after the jump.

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Thriving Ink

Thriving Ink Tee

We posted last month on the launch of If you didn’t heed our advice then, we’ll give you another shot. Check these guys out! A self-proclaimed mix of ‘urban-slash-metro-slash-casual-slash-street’ ThrivingInk’s design are big, bold and graphic, typically covering a large portion of the shirt. Our review tee, Framed, was well printed on American Apparel stock – as all of their inventory is. Couple more of our favorite picks after the jump.
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Disinformation is All Right

Disinformation Tees

You’ve got to love a shirt that makes people laugh, wonder if you’re an idiot, and completely confuses them at the same time. Disinformation T-Shirts do it all. Take for example our feature tee, the Visit California shirt – with a drawing of New Orleans and the state slogan from Arizona. It ridiculous and funny. What’s better, or perhaps worse, is that a lot of people might not even get it. (Something tells me Miss South Carolina wouldn’t even flinch).

Our sample was nicely printed on Gildan Ultra Cotton. Help spread the disinformation at

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District Cotton – Smart and Organic

District Cotton Tee

Another great shop we’re drop into not only our ‘favorites’ column, but also the ‘green’ column. District Cotton features tees to show off your ‘social conscience without all of the pretentiousness’. Witty, intelligent designs and a wide selection of organic products and printing processes make District Cotton a truly responsible fashion choice.

I really dig our Bikes Not Bombs sample tee. Very nicely printed on 100% organic cotton. Tagless and very comfortable. Worth checking out their onsies for the little ones and cool recycled bags.
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Neo Nuclear Tees From Atomic Madhouse

Atomic Madhouse Tees

These are the prefect tees for comic books fans. Inspired by punk rock posters and classic comics, artists Frank Forte and Elizabeth J. Musgrave have put together a cool collection of shirts known as Atomic Madhouse. The first thing I thought of when I saw this Blamm! shirt is the classic Batman and Robin series I watched as a kid. Devil Girl is another great pick for the ladies.

Our samples were perfectly inked on American Apparel shirts. Custom tag and all. Nicely done. Hit ‘em up and check out the comic books too.

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