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Just a Reminder: Vote, Please!

If there was ever a week that would drive people to the polls, this is it. And Artifex Shirts has the call to arms – vote! Tough to see from this banner pict, but Vote is made up of all the various issues that should make you head to the polls. We’ll get a tighter snap of it soon so you can check out the detail. Our sample was on 100% organic cotton from econscious. A much heavier weight tee than the vintage-styled norm these days, but it fit well and was very soft. Much more comfy than say a Hanes Beefy, and it’s organic. Nice. Bounus: fans of Pickens plan might dig their wind power tee.

Yes No Maybe – For Sure

Mickey Mouse Playboy Bunny Shirt Design

Yes No Maybe’s The Playmouse tee takes the prize as one of the coolest icon-mashups I’ve ever seen. Also topping our list of cool is their site’s ajax-enabled sidebar product finder. I realize only a web developer might truly appreciate it, but for the average Joe it’s still damn nifty. You’re going to have to try it out to see what I mean, but it’s all kinds of awesome and very useful.

Festa Does State and City Tees in a Big Way

Festa T-Shirt Tag

State and city themed slogan tees are a staple in the world of t-shirt design. Almost everyone owns one in, some form or the other, and nearly every shop carries at least one tee that’s got a state slogan hook. In the case of Festa T-Shirts it’s hundreds – mostly geared for the girls. The selection is mind blowing and covers every state and a surprising amount of cities. It’s a strong and consistent showing of concepts and designs for such a deep inventory.

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Itself. Tee Shirt

I’ve stumbled across a few really good black on black tees over the years. Our sample from Itself. is one of them, sort of. My review pict is a bit deceiving, check the extra shot after the jump for a better feel of the dark gray printing on a black shirt. I like the look. The shop runs a design contest. Stop by and vote. They’ve managed to good collection with an underlying graphic simplicity. Right up my alley.

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Wear Your City Tees

Custom city name t-shirts

Here’s an interesting concept for you. Custom tees, made to order, that incorporate your city name. Cool idea. Wear Your City lets you choose from a variety of shirt designs and then add a city name of your choice to the tee. Our sample own tee (shown above, giving away the location of the super secret T-Shirt Watch corporate headquarters) was well done. Obviously some form of direct print method being used for fulfillment, but the quality was good. A heavier weight 100% cotton tee, which kind of deviates from the norm of the day – that being paper thing, skin-tight-worn-in-cotton. Plenty of funny, novelty theme ideas.

Check out the custom Barack Obama Tee

Crow Prisoner from R.A.G. New York

Crow Prisoner Tee from Rag New York

I received an interesting tee from R.A.G. New York last week. While the I’m not biggest fan of ‘Affliction’ styled/graphic urban stuff, I like the Prisoner Crow sample. Cool foil/silver printing over a graphic that fills the full length of the tee front and back. R.A.G. has been around a long time and has a number of brick and mortars throughout their home town of New York. They’ve got a lot more than tees as well, some interesting polos, hoodies, short, blazers, you name it. Everything is very affordably priced as well.

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Check Out Endangered Wear

Endangered Wear Guitar Tee

It must be the summer heat getting to me, but I’ve just looked down to see I’m wearing a tee I’ve yet to review. It happens to be the guitar tee shown above, and sad to say, but it’s not the first time I’ve worn it. Somehow it slipped past my desk and right into rotation. It comes courtesy of the guys at Not the first time we’ve posted on Endangered Wear and I doubt the last. Couple more picks after the jump including hoodies – for your post summer fashion needs. Give them a look.
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Series Regular from You Are So Famous

Series Regular
I usually end up posting reviews before I spend much time wearing the tee, but I’ve been so back up I think this shirt has hit the wash more than a few times already. It’s just one of those simple type tees that works – for me at least. Series Regular comes from You Are So, a snarky take on celebrity pop culture. And I rave about the occasional super soft tee, but hands down, we have a new winner. The ‘Vintage Soft’ tee Alternative Apparel lives up to it’s name. Nice.
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Wearable Wisdom From CERTAINTEES

With subject matter ranging from social justice to organic foods and alternative energy, CERTAINTEES is creating apparel for the socially responsible. Our sample shirt, the Relic tee, reminds us of the ever evolving mindset it takes to help bring change. One interesting note is that the tee is a bamboo and cotton blend. Check out there FAQs pages for a lot of great info on using bamboo for clothing. Very cool.

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