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Osama Bin Laden is Still Dead

Leave it to Progresswear to put jump into the Osama Bin Laden t-shirt fray with a heady, comic spin. This one is ahead of it’s time, but give it a couple weeks. Osaba Bin Laden will Still be Dead – and you know why, because Donald Trump killed him. I’m sure you thought it was Chuck Norris, but The Donald is stepin’ up. First the birth certificate, not Osama. What’s next? Btw – $3.00 from the sale of the shirts goes to a organization to assist the families of 9/11.

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Marlee Matlin with an Obama Peace Tee

Election day vote count is underway so we thought we’d squeeze in one more Obama tee. This time Marlee Matlin sporting a peace dove? tee after hitting Kitson (of course). I think the more interesting test will come post-election when the campaigning is done. Will we still see people cranking out tees for Barack? And will they sell? The only shirts I recall seeing of Bush in recent years were parodies, or worse.

Omarosa Obama Tee

Barack Obama T-Shirt Worn by Omarosa

Imagine finding a celebrity (albeit a minor ‘reality’ celeb) wearing a Barack Obama tee. What are the odd? Well, pretty damn good actually. It’s Apprentice star Omarosa sporting a big graphic Obama face.


Hope is Dope – Obama Tees from Thriving Ink

Obama Tee
The closer we get to November’s election today the more politically inspired tees you’re likely to see out and about. Most of them, well, suck. Here’s a couple good alternative to the typical schtick from The line is called “Hope is Dope” and is done by artist AJ Dimarucot. A portion of the proceeds will also make their way to a charity.

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