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Kicking Ass and Chewing Gum


“I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass….I’m all out of bubble gum.”. From They Live, and I think it was used in Dazed and Confused too. This is not a great shirt. Matter of fact it’s pretty awful, but my bet is there are some better parodies out there. Know of any? Sell any? Comment, or post up yourself on our Social Net. All out of bubble gum…the clip after the jump.

Watch the click of Roddy Pipper

I Am McLovin

Superbad T-Shirt I Am McLovin

I haven’t yet seen the movie Superbad. But Mike over at hit me up and ask me to post up some new action they’ve got based on the film. There are always those comedies that inspire endless tees. Napoleon Dynamite comes to mind. Maybe Superbad will be the next. Regardless of what happened in the movie, walking around wearing a t-shirt that says I Am McLovin is fine by me.

Chuck and Larry T-Shirts

T-Shirts from the movie I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry hits theaters July 20th. Kevin James and Adam Sandler look like a pretty funny duo. I caught this still from a trailer. Adam Sandler wearing a Mrs. Pitt t-shirt and Kevin James with a Mrs. Timberlake. Pretty funny.

300 Inspired Sparta Athletic Dept Tee

Sparta Tee

Movies are always a good source of inspiration for shirt design. Especially topically relevant stuff if can catch the popularity craze early on. Bonaroo’s taking a stab at just that with a 300 inspired shirt. The Sparta Athletic Department plays off the current Spartan craze. Topical and good looking. Available with some cool shiny gold leaf perfect for fooling your enemies.

Little Miss Sunshine T-Shirt from 80′s Tees

Little Miss Sunshine T-Shirt

You may have seen this Little Miss Sunshine t-shirt recently being worn by Britney Spears – that is if you weren’t too busy looking at her crotch. Britney was seen sporting the Little Miss Sunshine tee during one of her numerous crotch slips a couple weeks back. We loved the tee, but didn’t know where it came from. Well, thanks to our fine readers, we now do. The one and only 80′s tees has Britney’s sunshine shirt. Not to mention a ton of other great stuff. Worth mentioning as well that they’re giving away a Rocky Balboa movie poster with the purchase of any Rocky t-shirt.

Where to Buy Borat T-Shirts

For fans of Borat the countdown has begun. The Borat Movie hits theaters Nov. 3rd so we thought we put together a little compilation of our favorate Borat inspired tees. Busted Tees has got a nice Jagshemash slogan tee with a funky drawing of Borat’s moutache. Another favorite Borat inspired design is the Spring Break Kazakhstan (shown below). And for the politically inclined how about a Vote for Borat in 2008 tee. For a run down of more Borat apparel make sure you check out
Vote for Borat
Spring Break Kazakhstan

Jagshemash – Borat T-Shirts Are Good

Borat Jagshemash Shirts

Jagshemash my friends. The Borat movie will soon be arriving in theaters, so we thought it fitting we post up a few Borat t-shirt links. Featured here we’ve got the every funny Busted Tees Jagshemash tee. And from Design You Can Wear we’ve a great Borat inspired Spring Break Kazakhstan shirt. And for good measure we’ve thrown in Sascha Cohen’s alter ego Ali-G’s Boyakasha tee. Probably goes without saying, but all shirts are available for men and women and in a variety of groovy ass colors and styles. Wah wah we wah folks.
Spring Break t-shirt for Borat

Boyakasha t-shirt ali-g