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Lindsay Wears Vintage, Ah, Hum

Lindsay Lohan in an Old T-Shirt

All right, we’ll admit it. If it wasn’t for Lindsay Lohan wearing this tee we probably wouldn’t have posted. Frankly I don’t know what the hell it is. It’s probably old, maybe vintage, but pretty much looks worn in beyond recognition. One more for the Lohan collection.

What is She Wearing: Lindsay Lohan’s Post Rehab Style

Lindsay Lohan Celebrity T-Shirt Fashion

Linday’s one of our most popular celebrities when it comes to t-shirt spotting. Being that she’s been busy with that pesky rehab stuff we haven’t seen much of her lately, though we reported on her supposed requests for Nations Ltd tees while detoxing.

Lindsay’s back and the perfect subject for another edition of name the shirt. If you happen to know it – name it. (must register to comment, click here).

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Lindsay Lohan Wears Nation Ltd! T-Shirts

Nation Jersey Gym Tee for Women

It’s not everyday that t-shirt news makes the front page of gossip sites like TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan has requested a shipment of her Nation tees while in rehab. Other celebrities reported to wear Nation are Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson.

Not really news to us, we post them all the time. The line of women’s tees from Nation Ltd. is pretty basic stuff. Plain tees in your standard variety of styles. Prices start at about $60 and climb to over 100 bucks, so you’re going to need some star buying power to afford a dresser full of these tees.

Lindsay Lohan the Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden T-Shirt

One of our favorities when it comes to celebrity t-shirt sightings, Lindsay Lohan was spotted with the classic Iron Maiden tee. Wasn’t Iron Maiden defunct long before Lindsay Lohan was born? Well, we all know she has awesome taste in music, especially considering her recent support from Britney Spears attempted comeback. Funnier than Lindsay wearing the shirt really.

Lindsay Lohan Wears Bob Dylan T-Shirt

Lindsay Lohan Tee

Lindsay Lohan’s sporting a Bob Dylan t-shirt and short shorts. The rumor mill can’t make up it’s mind on whether or not Lohan and Harry Morton have broken up. At least we finally have a photo of Lohan without her naked crotch showing up. I like the Bob Dylan shirt though. Any t-shirt with a zebra riding a bicycle is alright by me.

Brandon Davis Team Fire Crotch T-Shirt

Team Fire Crotch Shirt

Nothing but class from this guy. Brandon Davis, who referred to Lindsay Lohan as having a fire croth and a seven foot clitoris during a drunken tirade with Paris Hilton, is seen here wearing a Team Fire Crotch t-shirt. Hard to believe he’d actually pull this off after supposedly apologizing to Lohan. Maybe it’s a fake photo, either way, damn funny and I’m sure offensive to a few.

There are a few people who have quickly jumped on the Team FireCrotch bandwagon. To buy a Team Fire Croth I’d recommend checking CafePress.

As a follow up UsMagazine says Brandon has now checked into rehab. Shocking.