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Celebrity T-Shirt Fashion – Year In Review

We’ve put together a celebirty t-shirt mega post to wrap up the year in t-shirt fashion. In 2006 we say t-shirt wearing celebrities do everything from hit the red carpet to taking out the trash, all while sporting the almighty t-shirt. We know it’s superficial, but enjoy some of our highlights.

p is for portmanSNL Digital Shorts Spawn T-Shirts
Saturday Night Lives digital video shorts produced some funny and memorable skits and quick working t-shirt shop owners got creative with parody shirts. P is for Portman from Jerkass Tees was a notable favorite, along with the Dick in a Box tee from Busted Tees – based on Justin Timberlake’s Digital Short Christmas song.

2006 The Year of the Crotch
Team Fire Crotch ShirtFrom firecrotch to crotch slips the crotch made news. Brandon Davis made tabloid headlines after he referred to Lindsay Lohan as a firecrotch, and then sported a Team Firecrotch shirt on the streets. Paris Hilton also sported some classic and classless t-shirt slogans.

Going Environmental
Evangeline Lilly T-ShirtEvangeline Lilly recommended we Reduce Reuse and Recycle while Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted dragging out the trash in a Yoko Ono t-shirt and Jessica Alba was spotted in a Cash t-shirt while dumping the garbage. Paris Hilton promised Club Sandwiches not Seals.

Band Tees
Another popular celebrity t-shirt trend were band tees. We spotted Lindsay Lohan sporting Bob Dylan and Queen. Macy Gray threw on the Cult and Brangelina’s Maddox sported Black Sabbath. Charlotte Church wore the Stones and Mischa Barton wore Springsteen.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Yoko Ono T-Shirt

Jennifer Love Hewitt Yoko Ono T-Shirt

Celebrities have to everyday things too – like taking out the trash. Jennifer Love Hewitt is caught sporting a Yoko Ono t-shirt – and no bra. Being a Beatles fan, I’m not a fan of Yoko Ono’s, but I can’t camplain about JLH going braless, even if it does involve trash. Not the first t-shirt trash related celebrity sighting we’ve posted. A while back posted Jessica Alba schleping garbage in as Cash t-shirt.