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Ich bin ein nerd


I don’t think I’ve ever posted up a specifically ‘Spanish’ shop, but one came across our inbox. Lola Freak. Self-describe as Spanish and it looks like some of the themes follow suit, but the site IS in English. They’ve got a Valentine’s Day shirt special running as well, buy 2 get a third free. Also a DIY portion of the site, which I’m guessing is powered by Spreadshirt on the backend?

Funky Monkey from MS Wear

This one landed in my Inbox. Unfortunately it was all in French, which I don’t read, so I’m flying blind. But the fact that it included a monkey shirt made it worthy of an instant post. (yeah, I know it’s a chimp, not a monkey. Chimp, monkey, whatever. They’re both amusing as hell). The site is also in French, I really am lost, but I dug the tee. Anyone Parisians out there care to translate a few details we’d be happy to post.

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You Can Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Flight of the concordsI think this might be our first New Zealand shop. Mr. Vintage sells a unique selection of retro Kiwi-centric pop culture tees along with more, shall we say, global themes. (Al Bundy’s known worldwide right?). If you’re a fan of HBO’s Flight of the Concords you might have caught Jemaine sporting their Keep New Zealand Beautiful shirt. Check em out at

Bridge from Contrastshop

Contrast Shop Bridge Design T-Shirt
Here’s an interesting site out of London. features quite a few hand-drawn looking t-shirt designs. While a number of them didn’t really do it for me from a design or execution standpoint, there were a few I liked. The one posted here is the Bridge tee. Tateman was good too. They do have a pretty interesting marketing spin as well. They take a mannequin out to public spaces and photograph it wearing various tees. Worth a look.

A.M.P. Street – Bangkok Tees

Summer Girl

AMP Cops

che guevaraWe’ve posted a number of international shirt sellers on the site, but this is the first from Thailand. The guys at AMP Street dropped me the tip and I couldn’t be happier. A number of years back I spent some time backpacking through Thailand. An amazing experience. I wish I had seen stuff like this on Khao San Road. Shown here are Summergirl, AMP Cops and a killer spin on the famous Che Guevara image. Ideals Don’t Die. They got caps, bags, wallets and what not as well.

Meisa Kuroki Likes Nice Boys

Meisa Kuroki Wears a Wife Beater

Here’s an obscure one for you. Japanese actress Meisa Kuroki in the American staple wife beater. I like nice boys. Kuroki has appeared in Japanese film and TV including Haikei, Chichiue-sama and Chakushin ari final. Yeah, I have no idea what those are either. She will star in the upcoming anime film Vexille.

Bonaroo State Department of Fashion Corrections

Sasquatch t-shirt

been a bad boy shirt

Somehow we’ve neglected to post on Bonaroo for way too long. The last time we did was for the now infamous Mel Gibson Sugar Tits tee. Bonaroo is a UK based shop with some very funny stuff. A couple picks for today are the Buff Creek Sasquatch Hunt tee and the You’ve Been a Bad Boy Now Go Straight to my Room slogan shirt. They also got some feisty political slogan shirts you should check out. Thanks to Chris for the heads up.