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Tee Tick Private Label Tees


Great resource if you’re looking to ramp up production of your small shop. TeeTick is a private label t-shirt manufacturer founded in 2010, based in Vietnam. The company allows its customers to personalize their t-shirts with their own logos and text. TeeTick currently serves businesses, organizations, and individuals in the United States, UK, Canada and Australia.

TeeTick was founded by a group of 4 creative, experienced and ambitious people, who are passionate and strive for meeting the demand and the expectations of customers by creating quality t-shirts “made in Vietnam”.

Design Your Own T-Shirt – Fast, Easy and Cool

Spreadshirt Designer
Interested in designing your own t-shirt? Do you like all the funny shirts out there and think you’ve got even a better idea. Well here ya go folks. provides a super cool way to design and buy your own t-shirts. Super fast. Super easy. Check em out. They’ve got a nice shirt design tool where you can enter your text, choose your font and even select from like 100 different timely graphics. They feature the best shirts like American Apparel and ship within 48 hours. Yeah, I know I sound like an advertisement, but their stuff is cool and provides the everyday man a way to create cool custom shirts. You can even open your own shirt shop and sell your own designs – and it’s free – yeah, really, a free shop. Check it out.

Design Your Own Shirt

Designing your own t-shirts is easy. Really. There are some great places on the web that let you design your own t-shirts, choose graphics, fonts, etc‚Ķ even the kind of shirt you want. Two of the best places are and We’ve used both shops and though it might be helpful to call out a couple high points and important differences.

Designing Your Own T-Shirts at is cool because they basically have an online shirt creating engine. You can select graphics, put text on your shirt, change colors, fonts, sizes, etc… They carry quality shirt brands like American Apparel, Gildan and Fruit of the Loom. They have every sort of style to choose from for both men and women.

If you’re really into designing shirts you can open a free online store at Spreadshirt. By doing this you can save the products you create, create an many as you like and then give the URL to your freinds, so they can buy your shirts. You have the ability to mark up your shirts and make money when other people buy them. Their online store capabilities are not nearly what offers. For that, read on.

Designing Your Own T-Shirts with allows you to open a free shop and put a single design on as many of their products as you wish. You create the artwork and upload the file. You can then buy the merchandise yourself, and mark it up for others to buy. If you’re interested in opening and on-line shirt store with multiple designs you will need to sign up for a premium store (about $60/year). This will allow you to completely customize the look of your store, and add as many products, categories and designs as you like. Take a look at this example of a custom cafepress store.

Cafepress’s online store system is very easy to use, and once you figure things out there isn’t much limit to the way you can make your store look. You can always buy your own merchandise at cost, and have the ability to mark up the shirts you sell at any price you want. Your products will be automatically listed in the marketplace where you can gain good exposure. Check out this link to set learn more about setting up your own t-shirt store online at

Check back here for more information about how you can design and sell your own t-shirts online.