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Fashion Delivers Clothing Donation Program

Fashion Delivers

Fashion Delivers Charitable Foundation offers a great way for the fashion industry to get involved in charitable activities. Fashion Delivers’ goal is to “mobilize the fashion and related industries to help our neighbors … to provide products from all parts of the fashion and related industries to victims of natural disasters, matching need with availability of products”.

You can donate clothing by filling out a simply donor sheet and sending them your overruns, of whatever you might have. They are an approved 501(c)3 organization and your donations are tax deductible. Cash donations are also accepted.

For information about T-Shirt Watch’s own charity efforts please visit our charity page.

[via We Are the Market]


First Giving T-Shirt

Big thanks to the folks over at They dropped us a couple nice tees this week. And more importantly, helped us get our T-Shirt Watch charity off the ground. It’s a modest effort, but it’s something.

And thank you to the shops who have made donations so far:
80s Tees
Spraygraphic Apparel

If you’d like your shop featured check out our charity page and made a small donation to our effort.

Hit It With A Pretty Hammer

Pretty Hammer NEBUCHADNEZZAR Shirt dropped me a note last week to give them a look. They’ve got some cool stuff. All of it has a real hand drawn quality to it I like. The Nebuchadenezzar shirt is posted here. I also dig the Blowin’ in the Wind.¬† Give these guys a look.

Also noteworthy is a tee they’ve got upcoming that will generate money for a Save Darfu charity.¬† Nice work.