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Marlee Matlin with an Obama Peace Tee

Election day vote count is underway so we thought we’d squeeze in one more Obama tee. This time Marlee Matlin sporting a peace dove? tee after hitting Kitson (of course). I think the more interesting test will come post-election when the campaigning is done. Will we still see people cranking out tees for Barack? And will they sell? The only shirts I recall seeing of Bush in recent years were parodies, or worse.

Sale at Progresswear

Hands down our favorite politically minded shop, Progresswear is running a sale on four popular tees. Grab them for a limited time for just $12.99. I’ve talked these guys up before, and for good reason. Putting aside any political persuasions, the designs are intelligent and executed with an experienced hand. Those who might pass off Progresswear’s work as ‘too simple’ in the face of today’s popular, ‘affliction-styled’ over-the-top wear are really missing out.