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Maisie Williams Tee


I think this is the first Game of Thrones celeb we’ve managed to post. Shame on us. Too bad Aria Stark isn’t wearing something more Game-of-Thronsish. Though Praduh could certainly pass for a GOT character name. No?

Boldest Celebrity See-Through Shirt Moments

Cuthbert_1We’re generally more interested in pointing out interesting, fashionable, or amusing celebrity T-shirt wear. However, with so many of today’s biggest celebrities opting for more daring (often skimpier) attire, we thought we might take a look back at some of the boldest statements made by celebrities in see-through tshirts or outfits. And make no mistake: more often than not, given how much attention most celebrities pay to style and image, it’s safe to assume these choices are intentional.

Elisha Cuthbert for FHM

Okay, so this isn’t the boldest selection on the list but it might be the most iconic in recent years. Elisha Cuthbert has produced a number of memorable photos, including a phenomenal shoot for Maxim, but her unbearably sexy see-through brown T-shirt probably takes the cake as the best photo of Cuthbert you can find online. Really, this is the see-through tee done tastefully.

Jennifer Aniston on the Sidewalk

Aniston_1A few years back, Huffington Post and others posted these sexy photos of a then 42-year-old Jennifer Aniston strutting her stuff in a very see-through white tank tee. Aniston’s look is casual, but at the same time fairly bold—the black bra makes a statement, and it doesn’t quite fully conceal her either. Of course at the time, the photos sparked the inevitable chatter about Aniston showing herself off to ex Brad Pitt, but that’s probably taking things too far. We’ll just leave it at one of the bolder and more memorable celebrity see-through moments in recent years.

Miley Cyrus at the iHeartMusic Festival in Las Vegas

iHeartRadio Music Festival - Show - Day 2It’s no surprise that Miley’s outfit is probably the most WOW-ish one on this list, given the starlet’s seeming infatuation with her own shock value. But in this particular incident, Miley’s outfit more closely resembled something from a lingerie than actual clothing. Apparently some women like to wear these under their business attire to keep things spicy for later, according to Adam and Eve, but I get the feeling that Miley’s probably not going to wear a suit anytime soon. Well, no, should could probably rock on for about a minute before ripping it off and wearing the getup you see in the accompanying picture.

Kim Kardashian on Date Night

Kardashian_1We’re cheating a bit with this last one, as it doesn’t exactly concern a T-shirt or top. However, given that Kim Kardashian’s curves have become what J-Lo’s were to a previous generation (in terms of sheer popularity), it seemed fair to include this. Us reported these photos of Kardashian in a very see-through skirt clearly designed to show off her famed assets while on her way to a date with now-husband Kanye West. Let’s just say the skirt worked; it caught the entire Internet’s eye.

Naturally, there are dozens of other popular examples out there, but it’s interesting to see how some of these celebrities have created lasting images with their boldest and most revealing fashions.

Britney Amber Wants to be Charlie Sheen’s Goddess

Ok, so I admit we’ve been super slow to jump aboard the Charlie Sheen t-shirt crazy train, but if we’re going to climb on then it might as well be with porn star Britney Amber. The Brazzers star made a bid to become one of Charlie Goddesses with this (blatantly promotional) tee.

PS – No doubt you’ve spotted a few Tiger’s Blood inspired t-shirt gems. We’d love to see em. Comment or post our Facebook wall.

Fearne Cotton in Cotton

Ok, I’ll admit this is a seriously random one, but mulling through the archives I couldn’t pass it up. Brits and BBC listeners alike will immediately recognize Radio One DJ Fearne Cotton. She’s probably an unknown to most U.S. readers, but oh well. The Trek to Care charity tee comes from Fearne’s Machu Picchu Breast Cancer charity event earlier this year.