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Britney Amber Wants to be Charlie Sheen’s Goddess

Ok, so I admit we’ve been super slow to jump aboard the Charlie Sheen t-shirt crazy train, but if we’re going to climb on then it might as well be with porn star Britney Amber. The Brazzers star made a bid to become one of Charlie Goddesses with this (blatantly promotional) tee.

PS – No doubt you’ve spotted a few Tiger’s Blood inspired t-shirt gems. We’d love to see em. Comment or post our Facebook wall.

Fearne Cotton in Cotton

Ok, I’ll admit this is a seriously random one, but mulling through the archives I couldn’t pass it up. Brits and BBC listeners alike will immediately recognize Radio One DJ Fearne Cotton. She’s probably an unknown to most U.S. readers, but oh well. The Trek to Care charity tee comes from Fearne’s Machu Picchu Breast Cancer charity event earlier this year.

Kim Kardashian’s Sweet Tee

This may be the first time Kim Kardashian has graced the site. Having no idea what Sweet Amanda’s is, I almost dropped this post in the name that celebrity tee category. But I actually did some crack research and determined it’s a Bulk Candy Dispenser company. Really, no shit. Perhaps a little product placement going on Kim’s chest? It’s definitely not going unnoticed. So I guess we’re helping the cause then. How about a little payola? Some candy?