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Matthew McConaughey’s J.K. Livin’ Clothing Line

Matthew in JK Livin Tee

Yet another celebrity is stepping into the role of clothing designer. Well, maybe not designer, but promoter? Matthew McConaughey’s clothing line is called J.K. Livin’, which stands for “Just Keep Living”. Funny to think of Matthew McConaughey selling shirts considered he’s perpetually photographed not wearing one. And do the arms come pre-cut off like the one he’s wearing? A muscle shirt? Hummmm. Hit his site here. It’s all in Flash, and while decent, it takes a bit of doing to actually find the store – which is ‘coming soon’. Snap of that after the jump.
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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten

love t-shirt from sarah jessica parker’s bitten clothing line

It’s been a while since we posted on any celebrity clothing lines. There are a ton of them out there, and some pretty good. I guess I just overlook them in the face of all the cool indie shops. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten line has gotten plenty of attention considering her most well know alterego (Carrie Bradshaw’s) penchant for high fashion. She’s got at least half a dozen tees in the Bitten line. Bit of a retro flair. And suprisely inexpensive considering it’s a ‘celebrity clothing line’. Well, actually down right cheap. Bitten’s t-shirts run just $7.98. Check them out at: Two more graphic tees after the jump.

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