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CafePress Site O’ the Day

CafePress Site Directory

I’ve been getting almost daily email updates for a site worth plugging. It’s a CafePress dedicated blog that profiles up a site a day. Put together by the guys that do – who I believe are also behind Detour Designables. The CP blog isn’t much to look at itself, but features some nice CafePress shops. If anything it’s a great repository for samples of what can be done with the CafePress system in terms of layout and site design.

As for Tuesdayteez, it’s much easier on the eyes and a great concept, though it hasn’t been updated since November. Even on a weekly basis keeping stuff up-to-date is always harder than you think.

Little Men Tees Does Christmas

Christmas Themed T-Shirt
I’m really not a big fan of Christmas themed t-shirts, clothing, etc. You can only wear them for a month, and who’d want to wear them anyway. So why the hell am I posting a Christmas T-Shirt? Curiosity I guess. Got a tip on this shop called LittlemenTees. And well, they’re just peculiar. Tons of t-shirts themed around little figures holding up words. In this case Merry Christmas. Other tees include a strange mix of phrases from Poker to Beer and Jesus to Fishing. I’m not actually sure what to make of them, so I’ll leave it up to. Check out Littlemen Tees at CafePress. One more tee after the jump.

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Resource for CafePress Store Owners

Stumbled upon a good resource for t-shirt shop owners running on CafePress. Cafe Templates is a blog style site with a selection of tips and tricks to customize your store and maximize sales on CP. Although the name ‘Cafe Templates’ would imply they have CafePress store templates, I could only find one – and it wasn’t anything to write home about. But the tips are useful and worth browsing.

New Merchandise at CafePress

Cafe Press Merchandise

For CafePress shop owners we thought we’d pass along news of new merchandise¬† now available. Plus-size scoop neck and v-neck for women, along with dark and light colors for kids and pastels for toddlers. If you haven’t been following CafePress over the last year or so, and only know them for white merchandise, those days are long gone. They can now print on a variety of colored materials and have done a nice job of expanding their merchandise line. For information on selling shirts through CafePress visit here.

CafePress Gets Hit with a DDoS Attack

For all of you CafePress shopkeepers out there who might be wondering why your traffic is off today CafePress’ web site is experiencing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

As of right now some customers have access that appears normal, some have intermittent access, and some have no access at all. We will continue to update the CafePress Community Forum ( as we have more to share, and we urge you to check there for the most recent information.

Seeing as how we’re at the height of the holiday shopping season the DDoS attack couldn’t come at a worse time.

Funny Shirts from Burn Tees

Funny Drinking T-Shirt from Burn TeesFunny Hockey T-Shirt from Burn Tees
That’s to Matthew for the heads up on Burn Tees. They’ve got some good college oriented shirts, like the Drinking Buddy tee, a few retro style graphics and some funny semi-offensive stuff. I dig the hockey shirt – Jesus Saves‚Ķpasses to Moses, shoots, scores. Nicely done. A good clean CafePress shop for all you shirt selling aficionados out there. Also some good New Jersey slogan shirts. Check em out.

Eva Longoria – I’ll Have Your Baby Brad T-Shirt

I'll have your baby brad t-shirt - Eva Longoria
This celebrity t-shirt has been around for a while, and I’m not even sure how recent this photo of Eva Longoria is, but it deserves a bit of attention considering someone is actually have Brad Pitt’s baby. The I’ll have your baby Brad t-shirt originally came about when gossip surround Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s marriage stated that Aniston didn’t want kids. So more than a few women stepped up and kindly offered to have Brad Pitt’s baby. Seeing as how Angelina Jolie is now taking care of that you are all out of luck. Check out for a bunch of different I’ll have your baby brad t-shirt designs.