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Spitzer Parody Shirt – Client #9 Emperors Club

Client 9 Ashley Dupre Parody Shirt - Emperors Client

Surely not the first, and definitely not the last parody shirt we’ll see out of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. Available for pre-order from Busted Tees this Emperors Club Client #9 tee probably won’t make any sense in a few months, but it’s good wearing now. Stay tuned for more Spitzer parodies, or perhaps some Ashely Dupre aka “Kristen” tees.

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New Arrivals from Busted Tees and Threadless


Few picks for today from the big and popular shops. Busted Tees with a spin on Freud (Yo Mama) and after the jump the very funny Triple Nerd Score, which actually came out a bit ago, but hey, we’re running behind. I’ve also posted up a nice re-issue from Threadless. I love this shirt – Emotional Trip, glad to see them bring it back for another round. Don’t miss it.

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Busted Tees Halloween Sale

Push It Real Good

It’s time for the annual Busted Tees Halloween Sale. October 31st, (duh) everything will be $13.00 unlucky bucks all day long. It’s too late to be shopping for your costume, but it’s the perfect time to fill out that fall waredrobe with a few classic puns Busted Tees style. No coupon code needed, just the will to shop.¬† They’ve also got some shipping specials and hoodies. Giddy up. Continue reading

Free Shipping at Busted Tees

Viva La Evolucion Ape T-Shirt
Good deal happening over at Buy three shirts and receive free shipping, AND everything is only $15.99 for a limited time. Good deal all around. Pick yourself up one of the new Viva La Evoluction tees. The typical Busted Tees treatment on the imfamous Che Guevara. No coupon code necessary, just some style and common sense.