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Avril Lavigne Does the Sex Pistols

Avril Lavigne Wearing A Sex Pistols New York Tee

It’s bad girl Avril Lavigne getting vintage with a Sex Pistols New York 1977.¬† Something funny about it. Especially in light of recent ramblings by Arvil that her mom forced her to go to a Britney Spears concert when she was a kid. Isn’t she still a kid? And she’s not that much younger that Britney Spears. I’m confused.

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Charlotte Church in a Rolling Stone T-Shirt

Charlotte Church in a Rolling Stone T-Shirt

A Rolling Stones tongue shirt is not what you’d expect to find an opera singer wearing. But Charlotte Church is definitely not you’re typical classical singer. The photo’s likely old but the Stone’s shirt has a great vintage look so it’s worth a post.