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Classic Beatles Tee from

The Beatles

Surprisingly I don’t own many band or concert tees. The ones I did own have long been worn to shreds, and I’m not into paying forty bucks for half-ass merchandise at a concert. But, I was fortunate enough to see a classic Beatles tee hit my mailbox recently. For me, if there’s a single band tee to own, this is it (ok maybe the Stones tongue shirt as well). This one came from If you’re looking a killer selection of classic tv, movie and music tees they’ve pretty much got em all. Plus a ton of other miscellaneous funny stuff. Check em out.

Turtlehead Hooks Up With The Polyphonic Spree

New Turtlehead tees with Polyphonic Spree

Turtlehead and the band The Polyphonic Spree have collaborated on 3 new tees as part of the “Fragile Army” series. The shirt designs are based on The Polyphonic Spree’s lastest album, of the same name. Cool stuff and a very interesting collaborative effort. The tees are in super limited editions. So hit em quick if you’re interested.

Name That T-Shirt – Ozzfest Mega Post Edition

Ok. I’ll fess up. I’m not an Ozzfest fan. Shocked, I’m sure. But this year’s Ozzfest has provided plenty of crazy looking musicians in even crazier t-shirts. If you happen to be fans of Daath, Static-X, Lamb of God, Behemoth, ChthoniC, Hatebreed or Circus Diablo then feel free to jump in. If you can name a tee (or the band members for that matter) feel free to register and leave us a comment. Thanks!

aww-affliction.jpg aww-chthonic.jpg aww-daath-3.jpg aww-lamb-of-god-1.jpg aww-static-x.jpg aww-lamb-of-god-2.jpg aww-lamb-of-god-3.jpg aww-lamb-of-god-4.jpg aww-circus-diablo.jpg aww-hatebreed.jpg
aww-behemoth.jpg aww-daath-2.jpg