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Woody Allen Sues American Apparel

American Apparel Billboard with Woody Allen

Iconic director Woody Allen is suing American Apparel for $10 million in damages from the unauthorized use of his image. Billboards like the one pictured above have appeared in both New York and California, as well as online, as part of their latest ad campaign. Not a surprise to see AA embroiled in controversy. It pretty much seems to follow them, and of course that’s all by design. With billboards like this. it’s not surprising. I’m not a lawyer and certainly don’t claim to know all the facts of Allen’s lawsuit, but on the surface it sure seems like a pretty dick move by AA.


American Apparel Billboard Defaced

Controversial American Apparel Billboard

An American Apparel billboard in New York city was recently defaced. The billboard featured a topless women, seen from the back, bending over wearing very tight leggings. A vandal, or activist, spray painted the message “Gee, I wonder why women get raped?”. The billboard was removed and replaced with something tamer.

American Apparel is known for it’s racey ads and unique style. Guided by founder Dov Charney it’s touted American made, sweatshop free products. It’s marketed those products with often controversial, sexual charged imagery, frequently featuring it’s own employees.

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Clamor Magazine Takes on American Apparel

Stumbled across an interesting article on about a small publication out of Toledo Ohio named Clamor that has American Apparel running for it’s attorney’s. The upcoming article apparently makes claims that go against many of American Apparels widely touted hi-brow business practices. I’ll leave our true T-Shirt afficiandos to read up themselves but it looks like a potentially interesting show down. If you’re intersted in learning a bit more about the t-shirts you’re very likey wearing check out our post about Dov Charney, American Apparel’s founder.

Limited Run Designer Tees from Mister Shape

Refresh graphic tee from Mister Shape
Balance design from Mister Shape

If you’re not familiar with Mister Shape shirts, you should be. They’ve got a nice selection of designer tees, a cool looking site, and the opportunity to get something that you’re not likely to see anyone else wearing. They feature quality American Apparel shirts run off in limited numbers – an interesting concept for something were used to seeing mass produced. The shirts featured here are the Balance tee and the Refresh tee.

American Apparel Pushes the Edge with Racey Ads

Wet t-shirt in shower

For those of you not familiar with American Apparel, let us acquaint you with a typical ad. American Apparel has long used it’s own employees as models and pushed the envelope (to use a horrible cliche) with the look, feel and content of it’s advertising. Case in point – Melissa – taking a shower in a t-shirt. It’s not everyday you see major shirt retailers selling wet t-shirts in a shower. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the brand behind the racey ads check out this post, which is an interview with founder and CEO Dov Charney. American Apparel is also doing some cool stuff with video podcasts. Check them out.

American Apparel Founder and CEO Dov Charney Guest on Charlie Rose

We’re probably going a bit deep into t-shirt culture for our casual readers, but so be it. Dov Charney, the founder and CEO of American Apparel recently appeared on Charlie Rose. You can watch the interview on Google video here. (You’ll need to advance the video to the 30 minute mark, as Dov’s interview is the second on the show). Most of our readers who own t-shirt shops probably know a fair amount about American Apparel t-shirts. A lot of our casual readers may not have a clue, but probably have more than a few American Apparel tees in their collection.

American Apparel is giant in the shirt industry and has created a unique reputation for using non-sweat shop labor – all based in the United States – and typically pay twice the minimum wage. Their ad campaigns have featured edgy contemporary photography, using employees as models. In building their brand they have done a fantastic job at creating more than just product awareness, but an actual t-shirt culture.

You can buy online or at one of many American Apparel brick and mortar stores. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the company and its culture hit their corporate site, and make sure you watch the Dov Charney interview on Charlie Rose.

American Apparel Boy Beater for Women – Karmaloop

The classic wife beater has spawned the boy beater. American Apparel has got great stuff, if you’re not familiar. Even better is shopping for it at The whole wife beater / boy beater branding got some big play a few weeks ago when somebody protested over the use of those terms in a print ad. I’m sorry I’m slim on details, but I heard it played out on a talk radio show. It was really ridiculous all in all. It’s just a shirt people. Nobody is going to beat their wife or boy because they’re wearing one or reading an ad. Chill.

American Apparel Boy Beater Tank, Tank Tops for Women