T-shirt Outlet

Shop URL: www.tshirtoutlet.com/

How long have you been selling?
Since 1996. 15 years.

Give us an overview of your shop. What kind of merchandise, style, theme, etc.
Primarily a humor driven t-shirt site. So, mainly funny t-shirt. We sell into the wholesale novelty market as well. Many of our designs can be seen in catalog companies and “brick and mortar” stores around the country. We also sell licensed designs, mainly entertainment. All of our designs come from our parent wholesale company.

How did you get started?
We started as a wholesale company in 1990 during the t-shirt gold rush days. It just made sense to launch an online store. Back in the late 90′s I was building, developing product, and managing online stores for illustrators/animators like Camp Chaos, Romp.com, Angry Little Girls, and Joecartoon.com (that’s old school, I’m guessing most of your readers don’t know who they are.).

Tell us about the creative side of your business? What inspires you? Are you a designer yourself, or do you hire designers?
Creative? There are three of us that do design work for the wholesale end. As the Art Director I get to hire freelance designers too, which keeps the creative from going stale or having the same look over and over again.

The wholesale end is a traditional screen-printing business so we are pulled in a bunch of different directions. At this point we design for Resort, College, Entertainment properties, and Novelty. We also do a decent amount of contract and custom work.

What are a couple of important things you’ve learned that have help you successfully grow your business?
I can speak to both wholesale and online but I will focus on the online side.

1. Never stop the hustle.
2. Invest time and money in Social Media. You get what you put into it.
3. Don’t put faith in SEO but do get your linking up.
4. PPC/CPC works for some but it takes $$ and you better have something they want.
5. The most important thing. Take care of your customers. Do special things for them. Upgrade shipping. Discount the order when they buy a bunch of shirts. They remember.

Add smile when you are answering the phone. It makes you sound different to the customer on the other end.

Any cool plans for the future? Are you planning on growing your product line to other types of apparel?
We are going to be adding a few new licensed properties that I am working on for the wholesale. And of course more humor. Definitely more garments. Dark shirts sell better then lights so we are going back to that.

What celebrity would you most like to see sporting one of your tees?
I’d be stoked if anyone from the cast of Community would wear our shirts.

Give us a of your favorite or best selling products.


Super Mario t-shirts