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How long have you been selling?
Established since April 2011 but officially started trading 1st October 2011

Give us an overview of your shop. What kind of merchandise, style, theme, etc.
Geeky Generation is a fresh independent, environmentally conscious clothing brand founded in 2011, based in London UK. The designs are limited and will only be printed once. This will assure people retain their individuality and confidence in their own unique way.

Currently Geeky Generation is trading only online but aims to expand and open their first retail outlet starting in London.

How did you get started?
During College days and University, Goranka always had thoughts in her mind about having her own business. Something which she can make decisions over and create things which not only herself but others would love. After months of thinking what she could do, she came up with an idea of creating T-Shirts!

After her honeymoon she finally decided to register her company and start focusing of the business idea which has been running in her head for years.

6 months after reading, designing, learning and not sleeping, Geeky Generation was born and was officially open for business.

Tell us about the creative side of your business? What inspires you? Are you a designer yourself, or do you hire designers?
The brand is run by me, Goranka Kelic, who is responsible for every aspect of the business, starting from the brand name to sending off the orders and everything else in between to ensure the best product and service to my customers.

The idea of the designs came from the highly fashionable society we live in now and the ever changing world of fashion. Fashions change by the week, but a person remains the same. I wanted to create designs which will reflect people in their every day lives but yet keep them looking fashionable and trendy. The “Geek” look, has been with us for century’s, all over the globe and by using powerful Geeky ideas, I hope to implement this idea into all aspects of the business.

One important aspect of Geeky Generation is the passion and love that is put into the brand. From smaller things such as the paper quality to the actual creation of the garment, every detail is looked upon, in order to create a brand that will last.

What are a couple of important things you’ve learned that have help you successfully grow your business?
Considering Geeky Generation is a very new brand out there, what I have learned from this experience of the first launch line is that you have to be consistent. Hard work and a lot of time have to be spent on researching and working towards your goal.

One thing that I would have done more, if I knew, is to research into your suppliers. Just because something is cheaper it does not mean you will save money, it only causes frustration and time to get things back on track again.

Marketing wise, no need to spend a lot of money on it. The society we live now in, everything is online. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook is a great FREE way to advertise.
Any cool plans for the future? Are you planning on growing your product line to other types of apparel?
I have loads of plans for the future!!!

At the moment we have on our website 3 T Shirt designs and few accessories such as badges and magnets. However, as this is just the start, I am hoping to release designs every 2 months. This will include apparel such as jackets, shirts, caps, trousers, under pants, glasses etc.

Currently I am in contact with some jacket suppliers for a Geeky Generation varsity jacket, which is going to be awesome :D

What celebrity would you most like to see sporting one of your tees?
David Beckham

What are a couple of favorite or best selling products. What’s hot now we should know about.



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