Better Than Pants

Shop URL:

How long have you been selling?
Since 2008

Give us an overview of your shop. What kind of merchandise, style, theme, etc.
We sell funny and sometimes offensive shirts. We have more options available for customization than anyone else online. We have over 600 designs and sell them in over 10 colors and 10 styles in sizes small-5XL.

How did you get started?
After kicking around many different online business ideas we settled on funny t-shirts. We felt it was a good fit for us as a group because most of us had online experience with humor video sites. So funny t-shirts was just another avenue to express ourselves.

Tell us about the creative side of your business? What inspires you? Are you a designer yourself, or do you hire designers?
We like to use pop culture and current events to inspires us. We try and and create a design for any new current event that makes headlines. We have one in house designer and receive ideas and artwork from our fans too.

What are a couple of important things you’ve learned that have help you successfully grow your business?
Know your customers! When we first started out we were unsure of what we wanted to be. There are a ton of shirt sites out there so you need to differentiate yourself. For us its the ability to create designs on a whim. We pride ourselves on being on the ball for new, original designs. We are always tracking current events/pop culture days, nights, weekends.

Any cool plans for the future? Are you planning on growing your product line to other types of apparel?
We recently launched a new version of our site that runs smoother and faster than before, and added a new blog section to inform our fans and customers on new sales, ideas, etc. In the future we may carry related products that you can get all of our designs on (like mouse pads and koozies)

What celebrity would you most like to see sporting one of your tees?
Mila Kunis

What are a couple of your favorite or best selling shirts. What’s hot now we should know about.

Super Mario t-shirts