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Wearing Social

Wearing Social T-Shirts

Give us an overview of your shop.
WearingSocial is a new synthesis of social media and fashion. Each wearingsocial tshirt is personalized using YOUR on facebook or twitter pages. WearingSocial allows you to wear your facebook friends or twitter followers. Create a qr code that brings you directly to your facebook or twitter page among other designs.

How did you get started?
My friend wanted a shirt that could show off how he reached ten thousand facebook friends and we couldnt find one. An idea was born. We decided we would fill that void and set out creating different designs to show off social media.

Any cool plans for the future?
Yes, hopefully will have sweatshirts and be able to create shirts for conferences as well.

What celebrity would you most like to see sporting one of your tees?
Asthon Kutcher.