Backbone Threads

Cool Christian Shirts White


How long have you been selling?
2 months approx.

Give us an overview of your shop.
Many people hear “Christian shirts” and think, either they’re cheesy or they suck. Backbone Threads are definitely cool Christian shirts . We have some overtly Christian shirts for those who want something bold, and we have some subtle shirts that just touch on faith.

We have two designers, one does mostly typographic shirts and one does hand-drawn, graphically intense shirts. We print on Bella for girly and Anvil 980 for guys. In-collar printing, custom packaging and extra freebies in the mail, too!

How did you get started?
Our founder, David, has talked about making shirts for over 15 years, but it took meeting our lead designer, Zak, to get things rolling. Add some major life shake-ups and Backbone Threads was born almost out of necessity.

Tell us about the creative side of your business?
We like to say that our shirts are “woven with the fundamental principles spoken by God through His living word.” Each of our shirts have a Bible verse that is either the inspiration for the shirt or chosen to fit the shirt’s message.

Our founder, David, is the inkwell and our designers Zak and Jerry are the pens. Some of Backbone Threads’ Christian shirts are actually designs from David’s decades old notebooks. We will be introducing some new shirts in the months to come, and a few of these are some incredibly awesome designs of Zak’s.

What are a couple of important things you’ve learned that have help you successfully grow your business?
Well, we’re relatively new ourselves, but social networking is huge. And there is no shortcut for hard work!

The T-Shirt Forum is also a massive wealth of information. We scoured that site daily for months before we launched. There were no, zero, questions we had that were not already answered on that forum. Incredibly helpful (thanks Rodney and gang!)

Any cool plans for the future?
We definitely have some things up our threads! We’re planning some hoodies and hats for the autumn line. We’ve got some pretty cool networking stuff going on with some Christian musicians and such. And we’re considering adding some fan participation (voting for new designs, etc.)

What celebrity would you most like to see sporting one of your tees?

Check out these tees: Sinner for men, and women. And Living Creatures - It’s an incredibly detailed hand-illustrated shirt taken from the apocalyptic book of Revelation. Available now in Storm, we plan to offer this in several colors soon.

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