Teaseage Tees

Psychedelic rabbit in the shrooms white t-shirt

URL: http://teaseage.storenvy.com/

How long have you been selling?
Since 2010

Give us an overview of your shop. What kind of merchandise, style, theme, etc.
Teaseage Tees are powered by the essential idea of the inner beauty of each individual, expressed through common means like the T-shirt. Add a little sense of tease in this beauty, and you get Teaseage. Currently, the creations of this brand explore the most interesting semi-historical and still important themes of human consciousness – Ethnoculture-Shamanism-Psychedelic Era-Hippie Movement and etc.

How did you get started?
The idea was to bring all those designs, searchings and findings to life, and the t-shirts seemed to be quite a perfect canvas for this job. Then, the idea of the brand called Teaseage was born, and it never stopped growing ever since. Now, when you get the idea and the body or medium you are going to use for it, other steps, like establishing the brand online, were not too difficult. The love and faith in what you do plays the biggest part here.

Tell us about the creative side of your business? What inspires you?
The brand was created and developed by myself naturally, and the whole thing is still running by one person alone. I have been passionate about art and design from early childhood days. If you are lost in ImaginationLand, then there is only one opportunity for you not to get mad – just let it go :) There is no need to look for inspiration outwhere – it comes from anyone and anywhere.

What are a couple of important things you’ve learned that have help you successfully grow your business?
The most important ‘thing’ I have mentioned before is the faith and love in what you do, then you take the Idea you are passionate about and try to fulfil it to the most. And no worries if you fail from time to time – all mistakes will be learnt, new approaches will come to help, it is unstoppable. There are no typical or practical explanations of Success as a fact – it is like the Mirage – sometimes you are closer, sometimes further, sometimes it is so real you can almost touch it, but you never Know for sure.

Any cool plans for the future? Are you planning on growing your product line to other types of apparel?
The coolest plan for now is to issue a new pre-ordered collection of tees for the second part of this summer. Some of the designs are almost ready to take a first breath on a shirt and come alive. Some thoughts for upcomming autumn – winter season – a collection of custom cut hoodies with some more ‘ethno’ driven symbolism and style. Stay tuned!

What celebrity would you most like to see sporting one of your tees?
Helena Bonham Carter

What’s hot now we should know about.?
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