Monthly Archives: March 2011

Sorry for Last Night – T-Post

Been a while since we revisted T-Post. Our latest delivery is the Sorry For Last Night edition. If you’re not familiar with T-Post, they tout themselves as the ‘world’s first wearable magazine’. The outside of the tee, pictured above features a graphic of some sort. The inside is where things are unique. Shown after the jump, it’s an entire news article relating to the outside graphic. Interesting concept. You buy the tees as a ‘subscriber’ and get regular ‘issues’ (tees) delivered to your door.

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Clothing Tag Made of Detergent – The Melt Tag

We’ve received t-shirts packaged in all kinds of funky ways, but we’ve yet to run across one of these. It’s a tag that is actually made of detergent. You throw it in the laundry the first time you wash the shirt. Pretty smart idea. It’s called the Melt Tag, the brain child of Korean designers Lim Jonghoon, Kim Sangbyum, Ahn Junseop, and Park Yuna – and it won something called the Red Dot Award. Functional and waste free. (via Consume Less)

Britney Amber Wants to be Charlie Sheen’s Goddess

Ok, so I admit we’ve been super slow to jump aboard the Charlie Sheen t-shirt crazy train, but if we’re going to climb on then it might as well be with porn star Britney Amber. The Brazzers star made a bid to become one of Charlie Goddesses with this (blatantly promotional) tee.

PS – No doubt you’ve spotted a few Tiger’s Blood inspired t-shirt gems. We’d love to see em. Comment or post our Facebook wall.