Monthly Archives: August 2010

Jersey Shore Tees

We’re more than a little late to this bandwagon. Have to admit, I’ve never seen more than a clip Jersey Shore. Maybe I’ll get around to it with the new season, or not. But there are a lot of Jersey Shore t-shirts out there. Today’s pick comes from Crooked Monkey. You can hit the catalog here. If you’ve got your own Jersey Shore inspired tee, or know of some better ones, drop it on our Facebook wall and we’ll be sure to post ‘em up.

Kim Kardashian’s Sweet Tee

This may be the first time Kim Kardashian has graced the site. Having no idea what Sweet Amanda’s is, I almost dropped this post in the name that celebrity tee category. But I actually did some crack research and determined it’s a Bulk Candy Dispenser company. Really, no shit. Perhaps a little product placement going on Kim’s chest? It’s definitely not going unnoticed. So I guess we’re helping the cause then. How about a little payola? Some candy?

Australian T-Shirt Market

T-shirt shop owners have to be a resourceful bunch. Competition is fierce and let’s face it, we’re not getting rich by selling a handful of tees. Cheap self-promotion is key. The folks at T-Shirt Market are trying to gather up interest in a monthly marketplace for new and established shop owners. Check out the details here. Granted, you need to live in Australia, but the concept itself is very cool.