One Shirt at a Time

Quick post to let our regular readers know that we’re still alive. I feel like I do this every third post these days, but we’re just back logged and busy. So couple quick things. Big thanks to all the shops that email us links, news, and coupon. MUCH appreciated, keep them coming. We promise to post them all up.

Second, in the meantime we invite you to take part in a little DIY marketing. PLEASE consider joining the social network we’ve set up. Whether you’re a shop owner, or an enthusiast, you can post up your own videos, pictures and promotional news. Go here and have at it.

You’ll see we’ve got a couple of widgets in our sidebar to encourage readers to head over there as well. We just added a news feed of what’s happening on the social net. So anything you guys take the time to post up will appear throughout the mainsite. More to come. Promise.

Super Mario t-shirts

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