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No Star Clothing

So I’m trying to whittle down my inbox and it just keeps growing. Here’s one I’m happy to pass along. No Star Clothing. Nice clean site, funny tees and they’ve apparently got some decent brick and mortar penetration, which is great to see. It would seem they are working with some known designers. I spotted ‘keep the dream alive’, ‘unlucky’ and ‘holla back’, which have made appearances at Defunker, among others. Plenty of good work to check out.

Festa Does State and City Tees in a Big Way

Festa T-Shirt Tag

State and city themed slogan tees are a staple in the world of t-shirt design. Almost everyone owns one in, some form or the other, and nearly every shop carries at least one tee that’s got a state slogan hook. In the case of Festa T-Shirts it’s hundreds – mostly geared for the girls. The selection is mind blowing and covers every state and a surprising amount of cities. It’s a strong and consistent showing of concepts and designs for such a deep inventory.

Check out more of Festa’s shirts

Sale at Progresswear

Hands down our favorite politically minded shop, Progresswear is running a sale on four popular tees. Grab them for a limited time for just $12.99. I’ve talked these guys up before, and for good reason. Putting aside any political persuasions, the designs are intelligent and executed with an experienced hand. Those who might pass off Progresswear’s work as ‘too simple’ in the face of today’s popular, ‘affliction-styled’ over-the-top wear are really missing out.


Itself. Tee Shirt

I’ve stumbled across a few really good black on black tees over the years. Our sample from Itself. is one of them, sort of. My review pict is a bit deceiving, check the extra shot after the jump for a better feel of the dark gray printing on a black shirt. I like the look. The shop runs a design contest. Stop by and vote. They’ve managed to good collection with an underlying graphic simplicity. Right up my alley.

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