TakePride’s Olympic Tee

Olympic Swimming Charity Shirt

Truth be told, I’m pretty my ‘Olympiced’ out at this point, but I didn’t want to pass up posting this tee. It’s from the folks over at TakePride.com. It’s a tee about Beijing Paralympic swimmer Melissa Stockwell. Hit the jump for the full story. Portion of proceeds go toward a worthwhile charity. Check it out.

Melissa Stockwell is an incredibly inspiring 28-year-old from the Twin Cities who was the first US female amputee of the Iraq War; as well as the first Iraq War Veteran, male or female, to qualify for the Beijing Paralympics. In the 4 years between Baghdad and Beijing – she has accomplished an incredible amount – including completing 8 triathlons, 2 NYC Marathons; becoming a prosthetist so she can help other amputees; and setting 3 US Paralympic swimming records;

TakePride [an influential support the troops project] has launched a charitable t-shirt inspired by the last 4 years of Melissa’s life called Stronger. The shirt not only serves as a way to get her story out to more people, but for the first time, it offers Americans a way to channel the good feelings that her story generates into meaningful support – both moral and financial – for Melissa and for all wounded US Veterans (a minimum of $5/shirt is donated to Wounded Warrior Project).

Stronger features a drawing of Melissa swimming as well as columns of text that tell her story, and which are comprised mainly of direct quotes from Melissa. Stronger is exclusively available at www.TakePride.com. The shirt is offered in men’s sizes small through XXL and women’s sizes small through XL for $25. A minimum of $5 from the sale of each Stronger shirt will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. The shirt is also being offered in combination with the Stronger athletic bag featuring a screen print of the text from the shirt (the ‘Stronger Spirit Pack’) for $40.

Melissa is a truly amazing person whose story has the power to inspire millions of Americans. If you’d like I can send you a more detailed press release, photos of Melissa and the shirt.

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