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Spin on the Classic Stone Tee

Variation of the Rolling Stone Tongue tee

I posted on the classic Beatles tee yesterday and happened to make reference to the Stone’s tongue shirt. By dumb luck one of the links in my inbox happened to produce this spin on it. The tee comes form Shiroi Neko and is available While not personally my style they have a ton of stuff worth checking out if you’re into the big bold busy graphic ‘urban’ tees. Some pretty damn good illustrations and a number of tees that put a spin on other classic pop culture graphics. Couple more examples after the jump to check out.

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Classic Beatles Tee from

The Beatles

Surprisingly I don’t own many band or concert tees. The ones I did own have long been worn to shreds, and I’m not into paying forty bucks for half-ass merchandise at a concert. But, I was fortunate enough to see a classic Beatles tee hit my mailbox recently. For me, if there’s a single band tee to own, this is it (ok maybe the Stones tongue shirt as well). This one came from If you’re looking a killer selection of classic tv, movie and music tees they’ve pretty much got em all. Plus a ton of other miscellaneous funny stuff. Check em out.