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Hope is Dope – Obama Tees from Thriving Ink

Obama Tee
The closer we get to November’s election today the more politically inspired tees you’re likely to see out and about. Most of them, well, suck. Here’s a couple good alternative to the typical schtick from The line is called “Hope is Dope” and is done by artist AJ Dimarucot. A portion of the proceeds will also make their way to a charity.

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Retro Olympic Shirts

Retro Montreal Olympics Tee

No doubt this summer’s Olympics will be a souvenir-fest. Probably consisting of marginally designed, mass produced crap. But funny how the crap from yesteryear holds more appeal. Amplied has a cool selection of vintage Olympic t-shirt designs. And indeed some of the old school designs are not crap at all. The tees are available here at SugarBullets – ‘the home of amplified’. I’m totally fuzzy on who’s who. (Amplified’s site seems to be a blog which leads to SugarBullets with is an online retailer. Ok). Whatever the case, check em out.

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Porn Star Jesse Jane Wears Ed Hardy

Jesse Jane Wears Ed Hardy Tank

Caught this snap of porn star Jesse Jane at some kind of event over the holiday weekend. There’s just something about the likes of Jesse Jane wearing an Ed Hardy tank in front of the America flag on the holiday weekend that screams – ah, hum, something. If anybody a good, witty caption please drop it in a comment.

Check Out Endangered Wear

Endangered Wear Guitar Tee

It must be the summer heat getting to me, but I’ve just looked down to see I’m wearing a tee I’ve yet to review. It happens to be the guitar tee shown above, and sad to say, but it’s not the first time I’ve worn it. Somehow it slipped past my desk and right into rotation. It comes courtesy of the guys at Not the first time we’ve posted on Endangered Wear and I doubt the last. Couple more picks after the jump including hoodies – for your post summer fashion needs. Give them a look.
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Busted Tees Releases New Shirt Everyday in July

Busted Tees is putting the chill on the summer heat with the release of a new shirt everyday in July. Quite the feat – and honestly I have no idea how that puts the chill on July, but it sounded good at the moment. And now sounds, well, lame. But I digress. Hit the up daily for your pick of the latest creation, and, each new release is only $13.99 for the single day. Good deal and great gimmick to keep people coming back. Shop it here.