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$1 Tees from Wooshka

Wow, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this. is offer t-shirts for $1. Tuesday May 27th any Wooshka member can buy a single tee for a buck. I’m not sure exactly what’s entailed in becoming a member (probably not much), but it’s certainly worth a look. They’ve also got a design competition and a ‘street crew’ system where you can earn points for referral sales. All good stuff.

Miley Wears Crooked Monkey

Miley Cyrus T-Shirt

We post up celebrity t-shirts all the time, but rarely do we know exactly what they’re wearing. It has a lot to do with general laziness, but sometimes it’s just hard to figure out. This time we have a confirmed spotting. Miley Cyrus sporting a Crooked Monkey tee (Waking Up is Hard to Do) in a YouTube episode from her show. In case you’ve never seen the show I’ll warn you ahead of time that if you’re not a teenage girl watching the YouTube clip might actually case brain damage. That said, here ya go.

Watch the clip and see the shirt

Funky Monkey from MS Wear

This one landed in my Inbox. Unfortunately it was all in French, which I don’t read, so I’m flying blind. But the fact that it included a monkey shirt made it worthy of an instant post. (yeah, I know it’s a chimp, not a monkey. Chimp, monkey, whatever. They’re both amusing as hell). The site is also in French, I really am lost, but I dug the tee. Anyone Parisians out there care to translate a few details we’d be happy to post.

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Free Tees for EndangeredWear Fans

Endagearedwear Free T-Shirt Offer has a unique promotion for their past customers. Send them a snapshot of your wearing their shirt and be entered to win a free tee. One out of five submissions is a winner, so your odds are pretty darn good. The promotion runs until May 30. A pretty good idea. As most successful shop keepers know, showing your product being worn by a real person can really help sales.

Free Tees from Detour Designables

Help Detour Designables celebrate their third anniversary. Stop by the shop and leave a comment and you’ll be eligible to win one of three shirts they are giving away to celebrate the occasion. Just click on the Contact link in the upper right and drop them a note and tell them what tee you’d like. These guys have a huge selection so odds are you’ll find something you dig. Good stuff.

Wearable Wisdom From CERTAINTEES

With subject matter ranging from social justice to organic foods and alternative energy, CERTAINTEES is creating apparel for the socially responsible. Our sample shirt, the Relic tee, reminds us of the ever evolving mindset it takes to help bring change. One interesting note is that the tee is a bamboo and cotton blend. Check out there FAQs pages for a lot of great info on using bamboo for clothing. Very cool.

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