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Lindsay Wears Vintage, Ah, Hum

Lindsay Lohan in an Old T-Shirt

All right, we’ll admit it. If it wasn’t for Lindsay Lohan wearing this tee we probably wouldn’t have posted. Frankly I don’t know what the hell it is. It’s probably old, maybe vintage, but pretty much looks worn in beyond recognition. One more for the Lohan collection.

You Can Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Flight of the concordsI think this might be our first New Zealand shop. Mr. Vintage sells a unique selection of retro Kiwi-centric pop culture tees along with more, shall we say, global themes. (Al Bundy’s known worldwide right?). If you’re a fan of HBO’s Flight of the Concords you might have caught Jemaine sporting their Keep New Zealand Beautiful shirt. Check em out at

Hacky Site News

Hey, word to any of our RSS readers. You probably found a butt load of drug and/or porn links filling your feed over the last couple weeks. Sorry about that. Seems the TSW headquarters suffered a security breach. Damn hackers. And big thanks to reader J. for the heads up.

Moby Loves Threadless

moby.gifThe guys at Threadless always have something cool going on. During the month of April you can take part in a design contest that’s wrapped around Moby’s new album Last Night. Create your ‘last night’ inspired designs and submit them through the end of the month. The chosen designer will not only have their design produced and sold on, but will also receive $2000 in cash, a $500 Threadless Gift Certificate, a full catalog of moby albums, a framed and autographed Last Night album artwork, and full Ableton DJ suite.

To get the creative juices flowing you can download a free sampler track from Moby’s new album here. (courtesy

Watch a video on the making of Last Night here

Crooked Monkey


Life comes at you fast. The perfect statement to sum up Crooked Monkey. Not only does the phrase make up an irreverently funny tee, it is also a good description for the rise of Crooked Monkey. These guys should serve as inspiration for all the budding designers out there. In just two short years they’ve managed to land themselves in the likes of Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Kitson and Fred Segal . Plus another 500 or so retailers.

Our review tees really tell the story well. Quality shirts. Funny, kind of vintage styled graphics and a little bit of harmless edginess create the perfect mix. Hit em up.

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