Monthly Archives: March 2008

Do You Ride the Shortbus?


If you’re looking for some silly juvenile humor tees give a peek to Shortbus Clothing. A mix of simple, funny and offensive humor fit for the back of any true college scholar. Our sample tee, “I Only Lie to Girls I Care About” was good quality and printed very well, a lot nicer in fact than a lot of the shops that are aimed at the younger college humored crowd. Hit up their site this week and score yourself a buy one, get one free deal with the coupon code BOBO.

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Happy Thoughts from Print Liberation

Print Liberation

Looking for some dead simply life-affirming inspiration on a t-shirt? Check out Print Liberation. That click will yield you a small collection of tees, but wait. Click here for the full store inventory where you’ll find plenty of additional t-shirt splendor. (Did I say splendor? Must be the happy tees).

If you browse the rest of the site you’ll quickly find that selling t-shirts is just a small part of what Print Liberation does. A full-fledged design studio, they’ve got an impressive portfolio of work and a roaster of clients to prove it.

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Torso Pants From the People that Brought you T-Shirt Hell

Insane Clown Postie

Interesting new launch from the folks that bring you the ever popular (and usually offensive) T-Shirt Hell. Torso Pants is like the non-offensive cousin to T-Shirt Hell. Oddball, super dry, and often very funny humor shirts. Insane Clown Potsie is a pretty good example. Three more after the jump to illustrate the dry as a desert humor. Did I mention dry?

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The Art of Artcotic

Artcotic T-Shirt Review is another great example of an interactive community shirt shop. Artists can submit designs, which are voted on and the winning designs are printed in limited edition runs. It’s a concept you see more and more these days. It works if you have talented artists – and Artcotic does. There are some really beautifully illustrated tees. Dig in and check out the artist’s profiles too. More info on submitting your designs after the jump.

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Last Call

Last Call Clothing Bar Tees

The creative peep over at Jerkass. have put together a new shop called Last Call Clothing Co. Inspired by vintage tavern shirts from across the country, Last Call picked up a pint and let the creative ale flow. The result is a great collection of tees that are perfect for a night at the bar. Our personal favorite, Jack Tripper’s watering hole, The Regal Beagle. Check em out at

The New Affair

Cortos Crash from The Affair

New tees from The Affair to forward on. We’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – coolest flash t-shirt site we’ve ever played with. ‘Corto’s Crash’ shown above was inspired by William Gibson’s ‘Neuromancer’. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Gibson or Neuromancer, but I dig stuff that has an interesting backstory. The second of the three new tees after the jump. If you’re interest is peaked, hit up for the third.

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Spreadshirt Special Chuck Norris T-Shirts

What Would Chuck Norris Do T-Shirt for Women

If you’re a fan of Chuck Norris now might be a good time to grab a Norris themed tee from To celebrate Chuck’s birthday this month (just passed, the 10th), Spreadshirt is offering up a coupon code for free shipping on and Chuck themed apparel. Use coupon code: CHUCKBIRTHDAY. I think the whole Chuck Norris resurgence has kind of come and gone, but it’s an interesting idea for a promotion regardless. Hit up the official Chuck Norris facts shop here.