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Poorman’s Shirt Folder

While making a t-shirt folder out of cardboard isn’t rocket science it’s not a bad idea. There are actually a ton of these DIY t-shirt videos out there. They all seem to feature some fancy technique for folding your shirt that looks like you need a degree in origami to make work. This one’s sort of the idiot version. And seeing as how I hate folding anything this might help make my catalog of tees a bit more manageable. Hey, you’d be recycling too! It’s a ‘green’ t-shirt folder.

Marc Jacobs Hillary Clinton Shirt

Hillary Clinton T-Shirt

Designer Marc Jacobs is getting political in all kinds of ways. A couple weeks ago we posted on his naked Posh Spice shirt. Today he’s at it again with a Hillary Clinton tee. Thankfully Hillary is not naked, just really really big. The tee goes for $38 and, as you’d imagine, a portion of proceeds go toward Hillary’s presidential bid. While it’s no video, it’s a least something for Hillary’s ailing campaign.

District Cotton – Smart and Organic

District Cotton Tee

Another great shop we’re drop into not only our ‘favorites’ column, but also the ‘green’ column. District Cotton features tees to show off your ‘social conscience without all of the pretentiousness’. Witty, intelligent designs and a wide selection of organic products and printing processes make District Cotton a truly responsible fashion choice.

I really dig our Bikes Not Bombs sample tee. Very nicely printed on 100% organic cotton. Tagless and very comfortable. Worth checking out their onsies for the little ones and cool recycled bags.
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Thriving Ink Launches Tomorrow


It’s leap year – what you are doing with your extra day? How about launching an entire clothing line? Sounds a little ambitious for us, but that’s exactly what Thriving Ink is set to do. We got a sneak peak at the entire collection set to go on sale tomorrow and it’s nothing short of amazing. Couple peaks after the jump and make sure you hit em tomorrow during your leap year festivities.

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Watchout for Ryan Sullivan


I don’t often post up a shop or designer after seeing just a single shirt. Not that we’re doing exhaustive research here, (hell who are kidding) but I do usually like to least a few tees. However I was so amused, intrigued and bewildered by Ryan Sullivan’s site featuring floating monkey’s in space that, well, I’m postin. You can see the funky flash action at As for the shirt. I dig it. Supposedly available at, and apparently other retailers on the way, although I couldn’t find it at Chocosho. They’re handmade low run stuff, so maybe out of stock? Maybe check back? Maybe maybe.

Site News

One of those site news posts for the handful of loyal followers. Are you all still out there? Anyway, I’ve been buried again and feeling guilty for not posting in what, almost two weeks? Yikes. Well, it is what it is. Good news is that I think I’m back on track. My inbox of bustin’ out with lots of cool stuff. And I’ve got a few fresh tees on my desk you’ll soon be seeing.

If you’re a shop owner and haven’t yet see the giant ass blue button that’s been living at the top of every page on the site – then get some glasses and click it. The directory is slowly coming together and you might as well get in early. Keep the great suggestions coming. Always happy to hear from you guys.

Valentine’s Day T-Shirt Coupons and Sales

Waterloo Sale

It’s the day of love. If you haven’t blow all your cash on candies and flowers here are a couple quick Valentine’s Day sales to check out.

Waterloo – Take 10% off with the coupon code: all_you_need_is_love

ContrastShop – 20% with coupon code ‘summeriscoming’

2one5 – 3 tees for only $30. Cool limited edition stuff.

Sackwear – Bunch of stuff for only $9.47 until March 15th. Might we suggest the coma sutra tee.

Turtlehead Hooks Up With The Polyphonic Spree

New Turtlehead tees with Polyphonic Spree

Turtlehead and the band The Polyphonic Spree have collaborated on 3 new tees as part of the “Fragile Army” series. The shirt designs are based on The Polyphonic Spree’s lastest album, of the same name. Cool stuff and a very interesting collaborative effort. The tees are in super limited editions. So hit em quick if you’re interested.