How Much Can You Make Selling T-Shirts on CafePress

We thought we’d solicit a little feedback on how our fellow t-shirt entrepreneurs faired in 2007. is one of the most popular entry points for designers looking to sell shirts online. One of the questions I see frequently in forums is how much money can you really make with Cafepress.

I’ve had a Cafepress shop for several years, (and Spreadshirt as well). I can certainly tell you it’s not a matter of ‘if you build it they will come’. As most site owners know, it takes an ongoing effort – daily really – to make a site successful. When I was actively working my Cafepress shop it did pretty good, as things considered, and the earnings fell way above the scale I have listed below. Of course I spent a lot of effort doing SEO as well as some Pay Per Click advertising – not to mention continually coming up with new shirt designs. My guess is that the average shopkeeper isn’t taking those kind of steps. So, we want to hear from you. If you had a Cafepress shop online last year, answer our quick poll below and let us know how much you made.


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2 thoughts on “How Much Can You Make Selling T-Shirts on CafePress


    I realized after designing a few T-SHIRTS on Cafepress that I was not going to be a “rich woman” working with them, although my t-shirts for “Chocolate Girl Apparel Brand” were bought often and I actually gained a small customer base because of the t-shirts being seen on CAFE PRESS, it proved to be harder to sell and make any money with them, because of issues with product quality, and several other issues… I still have some products that I have designed with them because customers do like my ethnic designs…on the tote bags, journals, and magnets my site is

    I am now with ZAZZLE and I am working on a humor and satire (fame) t-shirts… and I still have a splash of the original designs on this site as well so my customers can ro order their “FAVS’ (designs) in color now sense Zazzle has color t-shirts.
    I will let you know when my new line of T-SHIRTS come out and how we do!

  2. JunaD

    I think you can make a lot more than people realize. It just takes time. We have been with CafePress for almost 3 years now and sales have increased dramatically. Last year we made about $16,000 and this year we are planning to make about $50,000. That’s not base sales, that is our commission. Cafepress is wonderful. I tell everyone I know about.

    Hope you all sell lots. If you want to start, join CafePress and let them know DetourDesign referred you.



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