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Neo Nuclear Tees From Atomic Madhouse

Atomic Madhouse Tees

These are the prefect tees for comic books fans. Inspired by punk rock posters and classic comics, artists Frank Forte and Elizabeth J. Musgrave have put together a cool collection of shirts known as Atomic Madhouse. The first thing I thought of when I saw this Blamm! shirt is the classic Batman and Robin series I watched as a kid. Devil Girl is another great pick for the ladies.

Our samples were perfectly inked on American Apparel shirts. Custom tag and all. Nicely done. Hit ‘em up and check out the comic books too.

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Victoria Beckham Nude on a T-Shirt

Posh Spice Naked on T-Shirt

Posh Spice is getting naked for a cause. The famous Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is pictured nude on a new t-shirt being sold by designer Marc Jacobs. The shirt is being sold as part of a campaign to help raise skin cancer awareness. The t-shirts feature Posh completely naked with the slogan Protect the Skin You’re In. What do you think? Would you want to wear a naked Posh Spice on your chest?


Paul Jacober – Nevermind the Roses

Paul Jacober

Graphic designer Paul Jacober has released a new appparel line dubbed Nevermind the Roses. The series of tees are a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ play on popular British imagery. Our Union Jack sample tee was incredibly soft and ‘pre-distressed’ around the edges for a nice vintage look but without the super faded appearance of real vintage tee graphic.

“The great thing about these shirts is that it is the first REAL fashion-take on what some could consider a souvenir shirt,” said Paul. “The reason being is that the shirts represent innovative and imaginative designs on an upscale quality of shirt. All these details strategically thought out allow the shirt to easily transition from daytime wear to nighttime hip.”

Nightime hip is probably a good description considering their price point falls above the $50 mark. ($52 to be exact). Little rich for a lot of casual tee fans, but nice.

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Pete Wentz Wears Obama

Pete Wentz wearing an obama t-shirt

Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz has stepped out and officially (I guess) endorsed Barack Obama for President. Interesting to see how the celebrity camp takes sides in an election year. Here’s Pete sporting his Obama t-shirt at some event. At think you’re a lot more likely to find the youthful endorsers sporting political tees than Hollywood’s older A-listers.

Wooshka T-Shirt Design Community

Two Heads t-shirt from Wooshka
The ‘user-generated content’ web revolution has led to an entire genre of constantly evolving sites. And that concept has extended beyond the web to the actual products being sold on the web. The most well known example might be, but there are countless other great sites where the creative can exercise their skills.

Wooshka is a competition based shirt shop that let’s users submit and vote on designs. The winner’s receive cash, kudos and the satifaction of knowing their shirt designs are reaching the masses.

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