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Politically Correct Gifts Ideas from Progresswear

Political Tees from Progresswear

We reviewed Progresswear a while back and they quickly became one of our favorite shops. So we’re more than happy to pass along a couple of t-shirt tidbits. They’ve permanently reduced the price of their women’s shirts and are offering a limited time deal on free shipping. If you’ve got a politically savvy, t-shirt-wearing, gift-worthy friend to shop for this season a Progresswear gift certificate would do the trick.

We’ve posted up a couple of new shirts after the jump. Both great spins on the Christian right. I’m sure I’m repeating some of what I said in my initial review, but Progresswear’s stuff is cut above. There’s a sensitivity to design, and especially type, that is clearly present in both the shirt designs and their web site. I’ve always said I love t-shirt design because it’s an accessible medium for creative entrepreneurs, but there’s a clear difference when you’ve got true designers at the helm. The results are well executed shirts, pared down to their simplest form, yet incredibly impactful.

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Trollsen Twins T-Shirts from PETA

Olsen Twins PETA Parody - Trollsen Twins Shirts
PETA is taking aim at another celebrity for wearing fur. Two celebrities actually. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the target of a full scale parody campaign by PETA. And of course, as part of any good smear campaign you’ve got your t-shirts. The Trollsen Twins shirts are being sold through a CafePress store and are available in almost 20 different varieties of tees and sweatshirts. Grab yourself a Trollsen Twin tee right here.

James Blunt Took My Virginity Tee

There’s a funky story on the news wire about a Swiss ski resort where the women are running around wearing t-shirts that say “James Blunt Took My Virginity”. I haven’t managed to locate the shirt yet, but the story is that Blunt likes to frequent the resort, and considers himself to be quite the ladies man. Hard to believe really – both the shirt and that James Blunt gets the girls. Although astonishingly he didn’t manage to snag model Petra Nemcova.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s T-Shirt Style

Justin and Jessica Wearing T-shirts

This is one of the best two for ones I think we’ve posted. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel sporting a fine pair of, ah, tees. Justin’s wearing RVCA’s smoking ape shirt. And while we usually don’t post up beer t-shirts Jessica’s Coors star tee is just fine with us. I didn’t immediately see a way Justin’s tee on the RVCA site, but I did find a bunch on eBay.