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Busted Tees Halloween Sale

Push It Real Good

It’s time for the annual Busted Tees Halloween Sale. October 31st, (duh) everything will be $13.00 unlucky bucks all day long. It’s too late to be shopping for your costume, but it’s the perfect time to fill out that fall waredrobe with a few classic puns Busted Tees style. No coupon code needed, just the will to shop.¬† They’ve also got some shipping specials and hoodies. Giddy up. Continue reading

American Apparel Billboard Defaced

Controversial American Apparel Billboard

An American Apparel billboard in New York city was recently defaced. The billboard featured a topless women, seen from the back, bending over wearing very tight leggings. A vandal, or activist, spray painted the message “Gee, I wonder why women get raped?”. The billboard was removed and replaced with something tamer.

American Apparel is known for it’s racey ads and unique style. Guided by founder Dov Charney it’s touted American made, sweatshop free products. It’s marketed those products with often controversial, sexual charged imagery, frequently featuring it’s own employees.

What’s your take on the American Apparel controversy? Cast a vote below or leave us a comment (registration required).


Dussault Apparel Launches Concept Store

Dussault Apparel, Inc.Canadian brand Dussault Apparel is opening a store on Melrose Avenue on Nov. 8th, 2007. The opening bash is said to include the likes of Gene Simmons and Criss Angel – both filming their reality shows on location during the opening. T-Shirt afficiando’s can check them out at 8010 Melrose Ave., or on the web at Here’s a bit more about the brand from their press release:

The Dussault Apparel™ Motel store will feature women’s and men’s Ready-To-Wear collections as well as jewelry, luggage and headwear. From the finely-stitched silk linings and custom-made embroidery to the mind-bending 1970’s motel in-store environment inspired by Rob Zombie’s films, every thread in the fabric of the Dussault consciousness is 100% original, uncompromising and pushing the limits of the luxury experience. “Our mission is to design, develop, manufacture, market, distribute and sell distinctive and innovative products that redefine luxury in the fashion world. From our premium high fashion hoodies, denim jeans and tops, to our urban apparel and accessories, every element we create intends to redefine the luxury experience, and to fulfill the lofty desires of affluent, fashion-conscious customers worldwide,” says Jason Dussault.

Celebrities in Their Favorite Tees


Entertainment Weekly has a nice piece featuring 15 stars in their favorite t-shirts. The celebrities photographed include Chloe Sevigny, Rainn Wilson, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, to name just a few. Accompanying each photo is a blurb from the celebs about the tee.

Knowing how much t-shirts are a direct extension of our personalities it’s interesting to check out the celebrity picks.

And though Matt Damon wore a plain navy tee for the photoshoot he tells EW that his favorite tee is actually “Jesus Hates the Yankees

View the complete gallery here.
Photo: Justin Stephens

Busted Tees for Kids

Busted Tees for Kids

For new readers unfamiliar with the well known you might think were promoting broken t-shirts for your children. Not so. The always popular and well loved folks at Busted Tees have finally started offering shirts for kids. Giddy up! They’ve hand picked the most appropriate designs and are offering kids sizes 2 through 12.

I also stumbled across a post on Threadless kids at this parents blog and was reminded they were also carrying kids sizes. Definitely worth the look.

Side note: We’ve sadly been lacking on coverage of kids tees. That’s something that we’re working on changing. If your shop happens to carry kids sizes, and/or you’re an exclusively kids shop please, please drop us a line. Happy to pass it along.