Stretching Cotton – Friday’s Link Round Up

Carmen Electra in an I Love You Shirt

Time to do a little catching up. Here’s t-shirt news from around the web as well as a few picks of up and coming shops to watch. Always good to keep an eye on the new guy – or Carmen Electra.

Apocalyptic Urban Chic from Red Star Industries [tcritic]

Emptees vs. T*Fodder, You Choose [tshirtisland]

Define: clothundrum. 30 Secs. Go. [preshrunk]

How many yellow hog dogs does it take to make a good shirt? [hideyourarms]

Up and Coming Shops to Watch


Bunnyhop Tees 



Super Mario t-shirts

2 thoughts on “Stretching Cotton – Friday’s Link Round Up

  1. James

    Hey guys, thanks for the mention! We’ve just released three tees which we think are our best ever. Thanks for your support and keep up the good work!


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