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Stretching Cotton – Friday’s Link Round Up

Carmen Electra in an I Love You Shirt

Time to do a little catching up. Here’s t-shirt news from around the web as well as a few picks of up and coming shops to watch. Always good to keep an eye on the new guy – or Carmen Electra.

Apocalyptic Urban Chic from Red Star Industries [tcritic]

Emptees vs. T*Fodder, You Choose [tshirtisland]

Define: clothundrum. 30 Secs. Go. [preshrunk]

How many yellow hog dogs does it take to make a good shirt? [hideyourarms]

Up and Coming Shops to Watch


Bunnyhop Tees 



Tiny Pony Offers True Vintage Tees

Vintage Addidas T-Shirt

I throw around the phrase ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ quite a bit when talking about popular tees. In most cases I really mean vintage or retro designs. They’re just what seems to be popular. But there are times when ‘vintage’ truly mean vintage – as in old. And original.

Personally I’m not so much into wearing used clothes. I take the few hand-me-sideways items from close friends, but wearing the clothes of strangers isn’t really my thing. But I know there are plenty of true vintage t-shirt fans out there and they’ll want to check out

Tiny Pony offers up real vintage shirts, hard-to-find stuff from decades past. They don’t come cheap, but they’re the real deal. Many of designs you might find familiar, and some our just plain off the wall, like the 1970′s Alice in Wonderland porno tee. Who knew?

The biggest draw for vintage wear might be for diehard sports fans. Now days franchises love to change up their logos, colors and even names. Finding a shirt with your favorite team’s logo and colors, just like they were when you grew up, is not easy. Hell, you might just see me wearing a vintage California Angels t-shirt afterall.

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Kim Kardashian Wears Girls Gone Wild

Kim Kardashian Free Joe Shirt

Paris Hilton’s doppleganger Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a Free Joe t-shirt. It might be confusing to some, but once you see the back you’ll likely get it. It’s a parody of Girls Gone Wild – in the case Judge Gone Wild, in reference to Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis and his ongoing legal battles. Somehow I doubt the shirt is really going to help. See the back of the shirt after the jump. And for fans of Kim Kardashian you’ll get to see a lot more in her upcoming Playboy pictures.

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Character Themed Tees from Varlern

Anime Character Shirt

This site came across my inbox a few weeks ago and it intrigued me. The entire line of shirts is designed around an anime-style character name Varlern‚Ñ¢.

a lady who isn’t interested in shopping, does not hang out in girly-groups, hates partying, is apathetic to love and men/women, full of angst caused by her disillusions of the world and who is strong enough to handle any situation by herself. Add fighting skills to her and the result is a physically and emotionally indestructible goddess.

Each design features the Valern character in different moods or doing different activites. With shirts like Bloodlust, Devil-busting, and Badass it seems to make sense, then again, there’s one where’s she fishing. I can’t quite wrap my head around it but it’s an interesting concept.

One more shirt after the jump. Check out the site at

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My Inbox is Bursting

Hey, quick note for any of our regular readers – or new readers who like quick notes – I’ve got an inbox full of great sites that fans and shop owners have been sending in. I’m just a little slow on the output. Have no fear, I’ll get to everyone – and please keep them coming!

Talk Like a Pirate and Dress Like One Too

Zazzle Pirate Day T-Shirt

So it appears the September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It kind of sounds insane, but OK. In conjunction with Talk Like a Pirate Day Zazzle has put together a contest to help you dress like one too. Rules and details can be found here. The long and short of it is that you can design a pirate themed tee or other product and get a shot at winning $1,000. Cool enough. There’s plenty of entires already, some good, some bad. If you’ve got a Zazzle account then thrown on a little Pirates of the Caribbean and get designing, Arggghhh.

Lindsay Lohan Wears Nation Ltd! T-Shirts

Nation Jersey Gym Tee for Women

It’s not everyday that t-shirt news makes the front page of gossip sites like TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan has requested a shipment of her Nation tees while in rehab. Other celebrities reported to wear Nation are Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson.

Not really news to us, we post them all the time. The line of women’s tees from Nation Ltd. is pretty basic stuff. Plain tees in your standard variety of styles. Prices start at about $60 and climb to over 100 bucks, so you’re going to need some star buying power to afford a dresser full of these tees.