Name That T-Shirt – Ozzfest Mega Post Edition

Ok. I’ll fess up. I’m not an Ozzfest fan. Shocked, I’m sure. But this year’s Ozzfest has provided plenty of crazy looking musicians in even crazier t-shirts. If you happen to be fans of Daath, Static-X, Lamb of God, Behemoth, ChthoniC, Hatebreed or Circus Diablo then feel free to jump in. If you can name a tee (or the band members for that matter) feel free to register and leave us a comment. Thanks!

aww-affliction.jpg aww-chthonic.jpg aww-daath-3.jpg aww-lamb-of-god-1.jpg aww-static-x.jpg aww-lamb-of-god-2.jpg aww-lamb-of-god-3.jpg aww-lamb-of-god-4.jpg aww-circus-diablo.jpg aww-hatebreed.jpg
aww-behemoth.jpg aww-daath-2.jpg


Super Mario t-shirts

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