Threadless Featured in New York Times Articles

logo.gifInteresting read for fans of A recent articles New York Times talks about the nature of the company and it’s user submitted shirt designs. Few intersting tidbits – Threadless has sold ‘millions’ of dollars in t-shirts. Impressive feat for any online tee shop regardless of size. They also talk about some how designs make it through and are printed regardless of receiving poor voting scores. It seems Threadless often excercies their own editorial hand in selecting what get’s produced.

Super Mario t-shirts

One thought on “Threadless Featured in New York Times Articles

  1. Joe

    It’s not exactly that they print designs regardless of their low scores, it’s that ‘Threadless looks at how many 0s and 5s a design gets; designs that inspire passionate disagreement [i.e. those that have many 5s and many 0s, which could lead to a lower average score] often get printed because they tend to sell’ (Walker 2007).


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