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Hey. Quick word to all our loyal readers and shop owners. We’ve been crazy busy and a bit slow on getting to reviews for all the peep that email us. But have no fear we’re still here. Well, it’s more like ‘I’m’ still here. If there were a ‘we’ I might not be so behind. Anway.

Big thanks to all the shop owners who email us with cool stuff. We realized that some of the emails weren’t making it through, so if you emailed us asking for a review and it seems like we ignored you – or your emailed bounced. Sorry guys and gals. Please hit us up again!

We’ve got some cool stuff posting soon as we get caught up. And a brand new interview from a great shop in Bangkok of all places. We’re also going to be launching a weekly email recap of our posts. It will provide a super easy way for avid readers to get stuff delivered to their front door (well, email box anyway), plus a few extra tidbits like coupon codes and email only promotions. (Hear that shop owners?? Hit me up if you’re interested in giving our loyal readers a little coupon incentive. It’s good for all!) Details to come in the next couple weeks, or sooner.

Thanks to all the fine peep who throw us links. Drop us a line anytime with tips, review requests, celebrity sightings, or whatever’s on your mind. (submissions@tshirtwatch.com). Peace.

Super Mario t-shirts

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