VotefortheWorst Sanjaya T-Shirts

American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar has acheived a milestone spot in Idol pop culture. The endorsement of By presenting an unparalleled level of suck and smugness Sanjaya has also spawned a growing number of parady t-shirts. Last week we covered Busted Tees’ Good Byea Sanjaya. Thanks to a fine reader’s tip we bring you‘s Sanjaya inspired offerings. Available from RegalThreads you can get yourself one of several Sanjaya shirts like the Sanjaya’s Hair shirt shown below. Also available is Sanjaya You On Fire and Universe of Sanjaya. And for fans of web site you can grab a Vote for the Worst shirt as well.

votefortheworst sanjaya t-shirt - regal threads T-Shirts

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