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Retro Sport Tees for Women

Retro Sport Vintage Washed Giants TunicRetro Sport Vintage Washed Knicks Basketball Tee
We’ve got a pair of great retro styles tees for all the female sports fans out there. Forgot the oversized jerseys, these retro styled numbers will give you the opportunity to support a the team (well at least a couple) and not look like you’re wearing a multi-colored potato sack. Get the vintage NY Giants and Knicks shirts at Lakers tees as well.

Alec Baldwin is Gonna Straighten You Out

Alec Baldwin T-Shirt

By now just about everyone has heard about the rage-filled message Alec Baldwin left on his daughter’s answering machine. Baldwin’s got the reputation for being a hot head and tape of the message making it to the media didn’t help things any. All in all not so funny, but what is funny, I’ll tell you – Bonaroo Tees and their brand new Alec Baldwin: I’m gonna straigthen your ass out shirt. Celebrity parody at its best. Get it here.

Fergie Working Out in Camouflage

Fergie Camouflage shirt

Fergie seems to be one of the celebs – like Matthew McConaughey or Jessica Biel – that is always caught working out. We’d happily post up some McConaughey shots for our female fans except that the dude never has a shirt on – which is kind of the point of our site. As for Jessica Biel, check her out wearing vintage wonderwoman or all wet. And as for Fergie, she’s wearing plain ole urban camouflage on todays run. Peace.

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Sanjaya’s Life is Beautiful T-Shirt

Little live bloggin’ here watching the American Idol results. Sanjaya sucks but his shirt is cool. I know I’ve seen that Life is Beautiful slogan somewhere but I can’t for the life of me recall. I’ll put up a screen cap when I can but if you know where Sanjaya’s Life is Beautiful shirt came from please comment! Thanks.

Bit of irony as well consider Sanjaya was voted off tonight. Good Byea Sanjaya!

Update here’s the screen cap:

Life is Beautiful T-Shirt

Penthouse Pet of the Year Heather Vandeven

Heather Vandeven in a tight t-shirt
I’ll admit this Penthouse t-shirt is far from the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. Just more corporate advertising. But seeing as how the model wearing the shirt is Penthouse Pet Heather Vandeven, well, that’s something else entirely. Heather was voted Penthouse Pet of the Year 2007, as well as Pet of the Month January 2006 – and rightly so. These photos of Heather and her shirt are from a recent signing. Now if only that t-shirt were wet! Four mine fine pictures of Heather after the jump.

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Reproductions of Vintage Rock Star Tees

Debbie Harry TShirt

John Lennon Worn Free Vintage Reproduction tshirt

Any¬† true fan of t-shirt culture owns a few vintage tees. Sometimes vintage just means a tee that’s survived our own youth, or a nice retro piece from a second hand store. But tshirts being tshirts tend to self-destruct after years of washing, so wearing a truly vintage piece isn’t always easy. Plus, let’s face it, some people’s old clothes stink and you won’t dare put em on your back.

So, what’s the solution? Worn Free faithly reproduces tees worn by rock legends. From Lennon to Ramoe, the Door to Zappa. Here we’ve got Debbie Harry wearing Camp Funtime and John Lennon as the Working Class Hero. Priced at about 40 bucks they’re not the cheapest t-shirt you’re going to own, but perhaps one of the most unique. And certainly a shirt with a real history behind it – minus the funk.